Share your point with Novell Vibe

Whether you need to share a document with your team, create a wiki, engineer a business process or merely blog about the activities of your company, department or team to keep everyone up to date, Novell Vibe will allow you to do just that, and more.

Pretoria, 17 Aug 2011

NETCB has identified Novell Vibe as a compelling alternative to the more expensive and sometimes proprietary collaboration portal platforms available to customers today.

“If you need to bring your teams together, allow them to share documents, create wikis and blogs, and adopt micro-blogging (tweeting) within your organisation, Novell Vibe is the platform that will allow you to do just this and more,” says Cobus Burgers, CEO of NETCB.

“Apart from providing the capabilities of enterprise social networking principles, an organisation is now also enabled to create forms, surveys and complex workflows on the go without the need for expensive developers to create these forms and workflows. If you can do Excel formulas, you can create workflows in Novell Vibe.”

Novell Vibe allows a customer to implement a comprehensive collaboration system within their existing infrastructure. No need to rip and replace existing technology that may still be outdated. Novell Vibe works very well in existing Microsoft environments and can be directly used as an alternative to Microsoft SharePoint.

You can start using the system within hours after implementation.

Novell Vibe will address your document management needs. When you want to digitise your paper documents, you can do this with Novell Vibe and kick off a business process, as a document is scanned and routed through your records management process.

Make use of wikis to define and describe your organisation, its structures, processes and other knowledge areas that your staff needs to know and understand. Using Novell Vibe you can map out your entire organisation. When a new employee starts, that employee can be productive from day one as all the information that is needed to get started will be available.

Novell Vibe is typically applied in areas of project management, sales management, service management and as a replacement for intranets. Document and revision management is always an important underlying factor that is one of the powerful features of Novell Vibe.

A typical remark from customers using Novell Vibe is “business clarity”. You can see in real-time the collaboration between members of your team, department and organisation.

Promote yourself to your colleagues using your own personal workspace, just as you would have done on Facebook for your friends and business contacts on LinkedIn, but now it is for Social Get Working in the Enterprise! You can follow teams and people within your organisation, and they can follow you.

“Novell Vibe is a new journey of real-time collaboration that you will need to have in place as one of the cornerstones to build a unified communications strategy,” Burgers further explains. “As social networking and new cloud solutions put more demand on the services that IT departments must provide to their end-users, Novell Vibe is one of those solutions that will bring the power of social collaboration into your enterprise, along with the security and management that you will need.”

NETCB provides Novell Vibe Jump-Start packages that are packaged solutions for customers to include administrator training, customer design workshops, end-user training workshops, and business alignment of the technology within a customer's environment.

The Novell Vibe Jump-Start Solutions are uniquely packaged product offerings that are only available from NETCB. To get more information, visit, or send an e-mail to



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