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Signals go green as Dynamic Technologies gets on track with DigiRail

Johannesburg, 14 May 2021

Dynamic Technologies group company DVT recently launched a subsidiary in the UK called DigiRail that implements digital solutions for the rail industry.

DigiRail operates as a specialised arm of DVT, focusing on digitising rail-related business systems such as scheduling of train services, passenger interaction and maintenance programming of rail and rolling stock.

“Operations in the rail industry – including network, passenger and freight operators – are at a broad range of stages in their digital maturity. DigiRail’s key focus is to look at where the greatest benefit can be bought, harnessing cutting-edge technologies for the minimum amount of outlay causing the least disruption. We describe this as digitising the detail,” says Tom Clare, Managing Director of DigiRail.

For rail users, this will mean lower fares, faster journeys, cheaper freight costs and greater flexibility in routes. For rail operators, the digitisation and automation of currently manual processes will create a safer and more efficient work environment.

Tom Clare, Managing Director, DigiRail.
Tom Clare, Managing Director, DigiRail.

“DigiRail offers practical solutions for rail companies looking to implement particular digital results in short periods of time. Rail companies starting to digitise, and those already along the journey who want to know where to put their money next, will benefit through DigiRail’s focused approach,” says Chris Wilkins, CEO of Dynamic Technologies.

Tim Robinson, Chairman of DigiRail, explains the broader impact of this process: “The benefits of DigiRail’s optimisation of rail operations allow for more and more passengers and freight traffic to be removed from the roads and the air, thereby contributing to create a better world for us all.”

Tom Clare adds: “Being part of the Dynamic Technologies Group gives us the ability to draw from the experience and knowledge of DVT and other group companies to bring innovation and improvement to the rail industry. We are excited to help position rail businesses to optimally exploit the data, efficiency, and opportunity that infrastructure-level digitisation will bring.”


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