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SIMcontrol: Manage all your company SIM cards on one platform

SIMcontrol lets you manage and control company data SIMs through a single, easy-to-use online platform.

Johannesburg, 04 Sep 2023
Connect your existing enterprise systems to SIMcontrol.
Connect your existing enterprise systems to SIMcontrol.

SIMcontrol is an online management solution that gives companies complete control over all of their deployed SIM cards through a single pane of glass. It works with SIMs from all major mobile networks, including contract, prepaid, private APN and IOT data roaming SIMs using 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or NB-IOT connectivity.

SIMcontrol is not an expense management tool, but a comprehensive technical SIM management service for companies that deploy large numbers of connected devices. It allows for real-time monitoring, provisioning, consumption management and reporting.

SIMcontrol also supplies a range of SIM types in bulk and offers enterprise first-line technical support for SIMs from all mobile networks. This removes the need to deal with mobile networks directly, giving companies one point of contact that deals with all SIM-related queries. A consolidated account makes SIM management across various mobile networks quick and easy.

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Users can set up custom data usage rules, ensuring SIMs can only use what they are allowed to. Using the Managed Private APN option, companies can also share a single pool of mobile data across SIMs from multiple networks, and block mobile data traffic to only reach approved websites or applications or route traffic directly to their corporate network.

For M2M and IOT devices, SIMcontrol offers SIM cards that can roam across multiple local networks, ensuring reliable connectivity for critical devices especially when individual towers are affected by load-shedding.

SIMcontrol highlights

SIMcontrol’s most popular features include:

  • Self-help platform – Manage data limits, connection status and SIM settings online.
  • Pooled data – Shared across all SIMs from multiple mobile networks.
  • Account flexibility – No long-term contract commitments and no credit vetting. SIMs can be added or suspended as needed.
  • Fully managed private APN – Get going fast on an APN as a service on major mobile networks.
  • Custom data routing – Route mobile data traffic directly to your private corporate network or set up custom firewalling or VPN routing.
  • Business prepaid – Automatically monitor and top up prepaid airtime or data SIMs from all mobile networks. Ideal for projects that need flexibility.
  • Reporting – Detailed reporting on mobile usage and spend across your entire SIM base across all networks.
  • Highly scalable – Supports large-scale and secure IOT and M2M deployments.
  • Enterprise support – Tier-1 support with over 12 years of cellular connectivity experience.
  • API integration – Connect your existing enterprise systems to SIMcontrol.
  • Network and SIM type agnostic – Choose the best SIM type and mobile network for your specific project.

Typical applications include mobile connectivity for connected workforces, IOT devices, handheld computer devices, POS terminals, security and alarm systems, smart meters, digital media kiosks, work-from-home backup connectivity and many other applications that require reliable cellular data connectivity.

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