Six strategies to mitigate VMware vulnerabilities

Johannesburg, 29 Nov 2023
Stay ahead of the security game.
Stay ahead of the security game.

In this, the age of information, data and intelligence, cyber security remains the ultimate priority. It is the cornerstone of organisational agility and governance, ensuring that regulatory expectations are met and reputations remain intact.

In a previous press release, we focused on common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) that can affect services and products within the VMware ecosystem. Now, we’re looking at six strategies you can implement to effectively manage and mitigate these vulnerabilities to ensure you’re ahead of the security game.

1. Proactive security

A proactive security posture is focused on tools and technologies designed to rapidly identify vulnerabilities, misconfigured systems, outdated software and unpatched devices. The goal is to ensure that any potential threats are immediately recognised and resolved because your security is actively searching for them and capable of alerting decision-makers in real-time. You want tools that are capable of continuously monitoring your assets in real-time.

2. Preventative security

Preventative security tools and services are essential to any security strategy. They may not be as shiny and exciting as proactive security tools, but they remain key to ensuring any proactive strategy is aligned with what your organisation really needs and play just as important a role in catching vulnerabilities.

3. Consistent patch and vulnerability management

There are few things as effective as consistently updating and managing your VMware ecosystem and ensuring any vulnerabilities are addressed and assessed in time. You have to stay on top of every corner and crevice within your business ecosystem, which means you have to ensure your patches are installed, zero-day vulnerabilities are immediately resolved and systems are backed up regularly to protect data and the business in the wake of an incident.

4. Access control

One of the most important considerations for any environment, be it VMware or any other ecosystem, is to ensure that permissions are tightly managed. It’s very easy for ghost users – people who have left the company and yet remain in the system – to access privileged data and information if access controls are not consistently updated. All it takes is one disgruntled employee to enter your system and steal data or compromise your security.

5. Training and development

The human firewall – people, users, customers, anyone with access to your system – is a huge risk. People can either be the best line of defence or the organisation’s greatest weakness. When employees are constantly reminded of phishing, ransomware, smishing and other threat vectors, they are less likely to make a mistake that can thwart even the most advanced security system. But when they don’t know how to recognise the threats, all it takes is one bad click.

6. Collaborative partnerships

Security isn’t your business, but it’s as inevitable as taxes. You don’t want to do it, but you have to. This can make navigating security technology, managing resources and resolving vulnerabilities grudgingly complicated. It is also why it’s worth partnering with a trusted security service provider that specialises in ensuring your VMware environments and ecosystems are as secure as possible.

Strategix has a proven reputation as a trusted provider and we have extensive VMware expertise that translates into exceptional security services and your peace of mind. We have a VMware Vulnerability Checker that you can use to instantly assess your environment and we can step in to provide you with hands-on advisory to ensure your security is easy.

Discover your security posture with the Strategix VMware Vulnerability Checker.


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