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Smart data centres powering green, intelligent Africa

Johannesburg, 30 Jun 2023

Huawei unveiled its latest insights on the data centre market and introduced its green data centre solutions during the recent Pan African Data Centres Exhibition & Conference.

The conference, which took place in Johannesburg, brought together numerous energy professionals, including integrators, consulting companies and industry associations from around the world. The event served as a platform for sharing the latest advancements in data centre technologies as well as a showcase of industry trends and innovative practices. Huawei also introduced the value concept of Huawei's data centre GSSR (green, simple, smart and reliable) and green full-stack data centre solution.

The conference covered topics such as the need for investment in data centre facilities, services and solutions. It additionally provided opportunities for networking and collaboration with renowned consulting firms and industry experts.

Pan African DataCentres Exhibition and Conference.
Pan African DataCentres Exhibition and Conference.

Among the opportunities and challenges for data centres in Africa that were highlighted at the conference were green environmental protection, data security and privacy protection.

At the event, Sanjay Kumar Sainani, Global SVP & CTO of Huawei Digital Power, spoke on a panel discussion about the African data centres market, saying: “Digitalisation and low carbon demands bring unprecedented opportunities for the data centre industry. We are investing in innovation to leverage digital technologies and power electronics towards building GSSR data centres for a sustainable future together with our customers and partners.”

Utilising the four basic elements of “green, simple, smart and reliable”, Huawei aims to establish a solid foundation for the digital world. According to Sainani, this will become increasingly important as the data centre industry is experiencing unprecedented growth opportunities due to digitalisation and low carbonisation.

Huawei is actively responding to these changes by increasing innovation investments, leveraging digital and power electronics technologies and collaborating with customers and partners to build green, simple, smart and reliable data centres, thereby contributing to a sustainable future.

Sanjay Kumar Sainani, Global SVP and CTO of Huawei Digital Power.
Sanjay Kumar Sainani, Global SVP and CTO of Huawei Digital Power.

Underlining the importance of this approach is the fact that by 2030, it is predicted that global data storage power will increase by 23 times, general computing power by 10 times and AI computing power by 500 times. The rapid penetration of new-generation IT from emerging to traditional industries necessitates the deep integration of industry characteristics and new technologies. The acceleration of business innovation also demands larger storage capacity and computing capabilities.

Mokete David Mashobane, Huawei South Africa IT&DC Duty Director, focused his remarks on the rapid acceleration of digital transformation, with data centres serving as a vital cornerstone across all industries and a foundation for delivering services in the digital economy.

“Huawei has developed a full-stack data centre integration solution covering three phases: technical architecture planning, data centre integration and auxiliary operation. Our objective is to build green, reliable and agile data centres to meet the demands of the digital era,” he said.

Mokete David Mashobane, Huawei South Africa IT and DC Duty Director.
Mokete David Mashobane, Huawei South Africa IT and DC Duty Director.

Huawei Business Development Director, Henrik Boerling, said future-oriented data centres are becoming increasingly important vectors for organisations looking to ensure their total energy consumption and energy consumption per unit of revenue are sustainable while looking to achieve their carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

“Future-oriented data centres are therefore not solely focused on high availability and low power usage effectiveness (PUE), but also strive to be green, low-carbon and as sustainable as possible.”

Henrik Boerling, Huawei Business Development Director.
Henrik Boerling, Huawei Business Development Director.

During the conference, Huawei also showcased its scenario-based data centre solution, including models such as UPS, SmartLi and PMDC. Additionally, exhibitors had the opportunity to explore the Fusion Module 2000 product.

Huawei Data Centre aims to be the preferred strategic partner for this industry, and to collaborate and develop ecosystems that enable sustainable continuous development. In pursuit of this, Huawei has deployed its technology accumulation and innovation capabilities to develop advanced green data centre solutions. The company is also playing a leading role in promoting low-carbon and intelligent transformation, assisting the industry in accelerating progress towards carbon neutrality. It aspires to be at the forefront of developing a digital and smart society while powering a green and intelligent Africa.



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