SMEs, service professionals generate over R1bn through Snupit platform

Johannesburg, 10 Apr 2024
Snupit links customers to local service professionals.
Snupit links customers to local service professionals.

Amid South Africa's dynamic service sector, Snupit stands out as a leading online marketplace app, seamlessly linking customers to local service professionals. Collectively, businesses on Snupit have been able to generate over R1 billion through the platform, a testament to its effectiveness in driving business growth and sustainability, the company says.

Businesses that have mastered the art of using Snupit witness monthly revenues surpassing R100 000. It all comes down to having a complete profile on the platform with positive customer reviews and testimonials. What began as a humble business directory has transformed into South Africa's premier online service marketplace, boasting over 500 000 business registrations in a range of industries: home improvements, finance, cleaning, catering and more.

As South Africa’s first online marketplace, Snupit is celebrating its 12th year of operation. The platform revolutionised the way services are sought and provided, but has also become a catalyst for economic empowerment. Business owners have a legitimate platform to build their customer base. In addition, your everyday South African can find credible service professionals.

Mithundra Sivenandan, Sales and Marketing Manager at Snupit, affirms: “Snupit plans to further assist businesses struggling to get access to new customers and markets with a multitude of new innovations and initiatives to be launched in 2024. The goal is to make it easier for smaller businesses to survive in this fragile economy.

"There has been no other online service marketplace operating within the borders of South Africa that has been able to contribute this much to the economy with independent ownership and without funding. This speaks volumes for the amount of hard work and dedication put into this project to create employment and assist businesses in tough economic times.”

Snupit's journey from its inception to becoming South Africa's leading online marketplace is a testament to its unwavering dedication to facilitating seamless connections between customers and service professionals. As SMEs continue to thrive and prosper through the platform, Snupit reaffirms its commitment to driving economic empowerment and fostering a brighter future for businesses across South Africa. 



Snupit is a local services marketplace helping customers find and hire skilled professionals. Our app intelligently matches customers to plumbers, photographers, maths tutors and more with the right expertise, availability, and pricing. Founded in 2012, Snupit is one of the largest local services companies in South Africa offering over 600 categories. The service was created by Snupit’s founder after he couldn’t find a particular service online after searching for several days. For more information, visit

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