Software AG partners with AXOOM to bring industrial strength analytics to manufacturers

Johannesburg, 23 Jan 2018

* New partnership expands Software AG Internet of things capabilities and ecosystem.
* Streaming and predictive analytics now integrated within AXOOM platform.
* New combination enables manufacturers to integrate seamlessly with devices, sensors and components, with their IT infrastructure with off-the-shelf IOT frameworks.

Software AG has announced a partnership with AXOOM, a software spin-off from German leading manufacturer TRUMPF, which will enable customers to perform industrial strength predictive maintenance on high volumes of data and interactions using streaming and predictive analytics. This helps manufacturers avoid unplanned downtime and ensure production lines operate at maximum capacity.

"The Software AG partnership allows for great opportunities that complement our existing, strong IOT solutions. We can now provide our customers with both extended functionality and an even more comprehensive solution with this partnership," says Florian Weigmann, Managing Director at AXOOM.

"Sustaining high value equipment at maximum production capacity is one of the most important goals of any manufacturer. By integrating streaming and predictive analytics from our Digital Business Platform into the manufacturing process, it is possible to predict and execute preventative action before stoppages or problems occur to the production line," added Patrick Shields, Chief Technology Officer at Software AG.

The AXOOM browser-based platform solution comprises a variety of off-the-shelf frameworks. This includes pre-built modules along the manufacturing value chain that can connect to a wide variety of partner solutions via the AXOOM Apps Store and to IOT (Internet of things) devices on critical production equipment.

This vast amount of fast-moving data is then captured upstream in real-time by the Apama Streaming Analytics and Zementis Predictive Analytics modules within the Software AG Digital Business Platform. This enables manufacturers to monitor, make decisions, and trigger actions to ensure production lines are kept at maximum capacity.

The Software AG Digital Business Platform is an integrated set of powerful technologies, capabilities and methodologies for managing a digital transformation and for reshaping business designs that enable an enterprise to be more data-driven, customer-centred, hyper-connected and ultra-agile.

"Our partnership with AXOOM will provide manufacturers with significant value and a unique, end-to-end view of their manufacturing execution, including their ERP systems as well as new IOT services," says Shields.

"Manufacturers can execute analytics in real-time across the complete analytics value chain, such as streaming, historical and predictive, with relevant contextual and situational data that exposes critical information for timely outcomes."

The collaboration with AXOOM adds new IOT and smart enterprise services and capabilities for manufacturers across both companies' platforms, namely:

* Enhanced integration -The Digital Business Platform adds powerful, field-hardened integration functionality to the AXOOM Industry 4.0 platform, which can connect to devices and any software systems (as eg, ERP systems MES, resource management, supply chain, logistics, etc);
* Advanced analytics -The addition of Apama streaming and Zementis predictive analytics to the connected devices via AXOOM platform enables manufacturers to gain significant insights into their data; and
* Access to AXOOM Apps and Software AG Apps Store (the Marketplace) -AXOOM has many manufacturing-specific solutions that are designed to support day-to-day manufacturing tasks and activities in an online store; equally, Software AG provides several partner apps through its Marketplace (eg, predictive maintenance apps from Capgemini).

The goal is to provide extended IOT integration and analytics services as an enabler for a vast array of IOT solutions to manufacturers. With TRUMPF as its parent company, AXOOM knows the complexity and non-standardised processes faced by small- and medium-sized companies very well. Based on this practical experience and a foundation of machine know-how, AXOOM builds IT solutions to optimise production processes.

"AXOOM customers can leverage all the integration and analytics capabilities that Software AG offers through its Digital Business Platform. Conversely, our customers will be able to take full advantage of the AXOOM pre-built solutions and manufacturing know-how," Shields concludes.

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