Solution House Software unveils game-changing MySecurityApp for SME security firms

Johannesburg, 08 Mar 2024
Expediting security operations management for start-up and growing security firms.
Expediting security operations management for start-up and growing security firms.

Solution House Software, which positions itself as a leading software development company headquartered in Cape Town, is proud to introduce MySecurityApp, a revolutionary do-it-yourself client and incident management solution for small and medium-sized security companies.

This innovative platform expedites security operations management for start-up and growing security companies by delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile app designed to simplify setting up and growing security companies’ operations.

The opportunity

Tiaan Janse van Rensburg, Commercial Director of Solution House Software, says the opportunity is obvious: “Security company managers and supervisors today rely heavily on smartphones as their primary technology and productivity tool.”

“Recognising this shift, MySecurityApp is engineered to provide unparalleled mobility and flexibility, allowing professionals to build and manage their own security management environment efficiently.”

The challenge

In addition, the app’s mobility solves a major challenge of nascent and growth-restricted security companies.

“As security companies grow, they often encounter the challenge of transitioning from manual or paper-based systems to digital solutions. This evolution can be costly, complex and time-consuming, requiring investment in complex control room applications, set-up, configuration and additional skilled resources.”

The solution

To solve this, MySecurityApp simplifies and streamlines the digitisation process for security companies, enabling them to load and map customer sites, buildings and neighbourhoods; choose the service categories they want to manage; build their team groups; and invite users and customers onto their profile – all on a convenient mobile app.

Key features:

  1. Pre-configured security solutions and services: Security managers can effortlessly choose from a predefined list of services, tailoring their offerings to their unique business needs. Services include emergency, medical and assistance; contractor management; safety and security; employee management; urban management; and buildings and facilities.
  2. Effortless customer site management: The app simplifies the process of loading customer sites by enabling automatic geo-fencing. Security professionals can easily input customer site names or addresses and search, allowing the app to handle the rest with precise geo-fencing of the site.
  3. Seamless team management: Managing teams and users is made easy, seamless and efficient within MySecurityApp. A straightforward phone search function enables the quick location of team members, sending invitations and organising them into operational groups – all directly within the app.
  4. Powerful add-ons: MySecurityApp offers a suite of optional add-ons, such as fixed asset management, employee management with facial recognition, and live working tracking for mobile workers and guards, providing businesses with the flexibility to expand and customise their app's functionality.
  5. Incident management: The app provides a user-friendly dashboard for tracking and managing incidents, complete with GPS points, resource assignments and integrated document management, making incident handling efficient and organised.

Flexible subscription packages

Recognising the diverse needs of security companies, MySecurityApp offers a range of flexible subscription packages. Options include the free package for very small teams, up to the large package for larger, more complex operations.

Janse van Rensburg emphasises that MySecurityApp is positioned to empower small and medium-sized security companies with an easy-to-use yet robust solution.

“We understand the unique challenges faced by these businesses and are dedicated to reducing administrative burdens while increasing operational efficiency."

Getting MySecurityApp

He adds: “MySecurityApp is not merely an app; it serves as a foundational platform for a new era of security management. It can seamlessly integrate with various future applications, tailoring solutions to specific industry requirements.”

Business leaders in security can explore the transformative capabilities of MySecurityApp on The app is available for download on the major app stores.


Incident Desk

Incident Desk is owned, managed and supported by Solution House Software. Its software framework, offering rapid development and deployment of geo-located service request solutions and associated smart phone apps, provides solutions for unlimited service requests across multiple installations, mobile device integration and application deployment, dashboard and trending statistical analysis for several global multi-tenanted clients. Developed for the modern, multi-faceted management company, and catering for various industries, the framework is built on open source components and delivered via the cloud. Incubated, designed, crafted and refined in Cape Town over the last ten years, the Incident Desk solution enjoys full support from a team located in Cape Town and London.

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