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Stay open with dual 4K monitor support for MacBook Air M3

Johannesburg, 10 Jul 2024
Apple recently introduced the MacBook Air M3.
Apple recently introduced the MacBook Air M3.

Overview of the new MacBook Air M3 lineup

With Apple's recent announcement of the sleek and powerful MacBook Air M3, users are gearing up to experience a new level of performance and efficiency. Boasting the cutting-edge M3 chip and an array of exciting features, the latest iteration of the MacBook Air promises to revolutionise the computing experience. But amid the excitement, one common concern looms large: the limitation of dual extended display only when the laptop lid is closed. That's why at HYPER, we're here to bridge the gap and offer innovative solutions that enable users to harness the full potential of their MacBook Air M3 without compromise.

The challenge of closed MacBook Air M3s: A productivity conundrum

While the prospect of dual external display with the MacBook Air M3 is enticing, there's a catch that poses a challenge to users seeking to optimise their workflow. The requirement to close the laptop lid in order to utilise this feature presents several inconveniences. Users are unable to access the Apple built-in keyboard and trackpad, necessitating the purchase of external peripherals. Furthermore, the MacBook Air M3's fingerprint button becomes inaccessible when the laptop is closed, disrupting the seamless workflow that users strive for.

Unlocking dual extended monitor support with HYPER USB-C hubs and docking stations

Explore these innovative solutions to keep your MacBook Air M3 open, while getting dual extended monitor support. Two primary methods are available to achieve this feat:

Unlock dual extended monitor support with HYPER.
Unlock dual extended monitor support with HYPER.

Multiple USB-C to HDMI inputs: As Apple devices do not support DisplayPort MultiStream (MST), HYPER provides a range of USB-C hubs and a strong and flexible USB-C to HDMI cable and adapters that enable users to connect two external display monitors simultaneously. Options include the HyperDrive Dual 4K HDMI 10-in-1 USB-C Hub, or the HyperDrive Next Dual 4K HDMI 7 Port Hub equipped with dual USB-C or HDMI ports.

Ready to elevate your Apple MacBook Air M3 experience? Explore our range of hubs and docks today and discover a world of possibilities. Stay open, stay connected and go beyond with HYPER.