Strategic expansion in African cloud technology: Hynfra Technologies acquired by Cape Atlas; EnchaCloud takes major stake in Cape Atlas joint venture

Hynfra Technologies, a leading figure in Kenya's cloud technology sector, has been acquired by Cape Atlas, where EnchaCloud, a cloud service provider from SA, holds a 50.1% ownership stake.

Johannesburg, 10 Jul 2024
Laying the foundation for a strong future.
Laying the foundation for a strong future.

Hynfra Technologies has made significant strides in the tech world over the past year, known for its innovative solutions and dedication to customer service. The acquisition by Cape Atlas marks a new chapter in its journey, bringing enhanced capabilities to its valued customers.

Cape Atlas is a leading technology provider dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to its customers. The name denotes the scope of its ambition, aiming to serve the territories between the Atlas Mountains in North Africa and the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. With expanded availability zones and a commitment to governance and scalability, Cape Atlas is set to redefine the tech landscape and will continue to serve customers from its existing two availability zones and introduce additional services and capabilities under the new brand.

Key benefits for customers include:

  • Enhanced recognition: Cape Atlas represents a broader African footprint synonymous with reliability and innovation.
  • Expanded infrastructure: New availability zones and future expansions in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will optimise service availability and workload management.
  • Improved governance and scalability: Customers gain from enhanced governance frameworks, increased access to capital and scalable technology solutions.
  • Advanced self-service portal: A locally developed self-service portal empowers customers with greater control and flexibility over their services.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Integration of international and locally developed technologies ensures competitively priced products tailored to client needs.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Cape Atlas and EnchaCloud. This acquisition and joint venture marks a significant milestone for our company, allowing us to offer even more robust and scalable solutions to our customers," says Kenneth Mungai, CTO of Hynfra Technologies.

Cape Atlas is poised for substantial growth, with a vision and strategy to expand its services to other African countries. It will increase its range of services with comprehensive solutions such as backup solutions and disaster recovery solutions. The collaboration with EnchaCloud and Hynfra Technologies lays a strong foundation for future innovations and customer-centric offerings.

"This partnership with Cape Atlas and Hynfra Tech brings together three strong entities with a shared vision for the future. Our customers will see immediate benefits from our expanded infrastructure and service offerings," says Koketso Moseneke, Chairperson of EnchaCloud.