Strategix Technology Solutions achieves PCI DSS compliance

Johannesburg, 09 May 2024
Jonathan Goldberg, Managed Services Director for STS.
Jonathan Goldberg, Managed Services Director for STS.

Strategix Technology Solutions, a prominent cloud solutions and managed services provider, has successfully obtained a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Attestation of Compliance (AOC), becoming one of few managed services providers nationwide with this accreditation.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are the minimum set standards set for data security by a consortium of financial institutions under the umbrella of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The goal of the organisation, established by Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and JCB, is to standardise security and provide users, customers and organisations with peace of mind.

Achieving compliance is complex and time-consuming as organisations are required to achieve compliance across comprehensive documentation. When a company achieves these requirements, it receives a PCI AOC that showcases its commitment to implementing security controls and undertaking rigorous procedures designed to protect and secure data.

Achieving PCI DSS compliance

Undertaking PCI DSS compliance as a cloud platform provider showcases a company’s commitment to client, data and system security.

As Jonathan Goldberg, Managed Services Director for STS, explains: “It’s a rigorous process that’s policy driven to ensure a security-first approach throughout the business, which is something we are very much focused on achieving at Strategix. We have a security-first approach that has not just cemented our reputation with our customers, but with companies like VMware by Broadcom – we are one of only a few verified partners with the newly acquired company.”

Strategix set out to achieve PCI DSS AOC to provide customers with a trusted service that could meet their needs as they migrated towards more cost-effective private cloud-hosting solutions. Currently, many South African companies are opting out of hyperscaler data centre service provision because the costs are so high; this has led to an influx of people moving towards on-premises or private cloud platforms and these need to be comprehensively secured. Strategix now provides these companies with a secure solution within a framework verified by PCI DSS.

The value of PCI DSS security

Strategix believes that companies working within hybrid multicloud environments should be paying attention to PCI DSS because it ensures compliance with the regulations and legislations mandating the management of customer data. Companies that have their PCI DSS AOC are keeping pace with the rate of regulatory change while fortifying themselves against the equally rapid changes taking place within the cyber crime landscape.

“This certification allows us to protect our customers more effectively while also providing exceptional security controls using a cost-effective, local and trusted route to data centre or infrastructure expansion,” concludes Goldberg. “We offer customers authentic, proven security within a cloud-based ecosystem that can service any size company, from a start-up to the enterprise.”

Regardless of where your company wants to go within the cloud, Strategix has documented policies, enhanced security and proven cyber security measures that will protect you every step of the way. With Strategix, companies are placing their trust in a cloud provider that prioritises security and data protection, enhancing their security postures and achieving that all-important peace of mind when it comes to data management and compliance.

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