Sybrin partners with IPQS to enhance onboarding security, customer experience

Johannesburg, 26 Mar 2024
Reduce the risk of fraud.
Reduce the risk of fraud.

Sybrin, which positions itself as a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with IPQS, a global leader in real-time fraud prevention solutions. This partnership integrates IPQS's industry-leading data verification and fraud prevention capabilities with Sybrin's state-of-the-art onboarding solution, empowering businesses to streamline onboarding processes while significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

Sybrin's onboarding solution, built on the powerful Sybrin Platform, offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for new customers and employees. With the integration of IPQS's real-time fraud prevention services, including IP lookups, e-mail and phone verification, institutions can ensure the accuracy of customer information and mitigate the risks associated with fraudulent applications. This not only enhances security, but also streamlines the onboarding process, leading to a more positive customer experience.

"Fraud can occur at any point in the customer journey, from initial application to ongoing transactions,” says Stacey Japhta, Head of Growth at Sybrin. “Synthetic identities can be created, compromising both security and customer experience. To combat this, our partnership with IPQS seamlessly complements our advanced onboarding workflow by ensuring that our customers have access to the most current data from which to decision, and then adjust, user journeys based on real-time recommendations."

The IPQS capabilities serve as the first layer of scrutiny to identify inconsistencies that might otherwise slip through the cracks, thereby flagging suspicious activity early on. This robust foundation is further strengthened by Sybrin's suite of technologies that work seamlessly together by combining biometric and liveness detection to ensure a real person is behind the interaction, while its document recognition and processing validates their identity.

“We are thrilled about the strategic partnership with Sybrin,” added Larry Venter, Head of EMEA and APAC at IPQS. “This alliance will enhance our offerings by combining our fraud expertise with Sybrin's onboarding solutions. As two companies with strong existing customer bases, it will also accelerate our combined reach across North America, Europe and Africa.”

Key benefits of the Sybrin and IPQS partnership include:

  • Improved decision-making throughout the customer journey: By integrating Sybrin's onboarding solution with IPQS's unparalleled data and real-time recommendations, businesses can optimise their decision-making processes to reduce fraud and improve customer conversion rates, all without disrupting existing security protocols.
  • Proactively prevent fraud: IPQS's Global Honeypot Network provides the freshest possible intelligence on risk signals to detect more threats and stop fraudulent applications.
  • Enhanced security: A single offering for onboarding and verifying customer information, leveraging integrated device fingerprinting, IP intelligence, e-mail verification, phone validation and malware scanning.
  • Frictionless user experience: By integrating IPQS with Sybrin’s hassle-free onboarding workflow, organisations can foster positive customer relationships from the very beginning.

Sybrin is attending the MRC Vegas Conference, where IPQS is the headline sponsor. This industry-leading event provides the perfect platform to showcase the Sybrin and IPQS partnership to a wide audience.



Sybrin is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions with over 30 years of experience. The company develops, implements, and supports end-to-end systems through Sybrin Platform using low-code technology. Sybrin's solutions cater to various industries and regions, addressing specific requirements in areas such as unified identity and onboarding, payments processing, customer communications, document management, case management, and fraud risk management. With over 800 systems implemented in 20+ countries, Sybrin serves more than 100 customers worldwide.


IPQS is a trusted platform to combat fraud in all its forms, using accurate and timely risk intelligence, IP and device fingerprinting, and email and phone validation. More than 3,500 companies, including many Fortune 500 businesses, rely on IPQS for risk mitigation, enhanced deliverability, and reduced abuse.

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