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Symantec Enterprise Cloud from CA Southern Africa providing comprehensive data, threat protection

Johannesburg, 04 Sep 2023
Nilesh Jivraj, CA Southern Africa Cyber Security Specialist.
Nilesh Jivraj, CA Southern Africa Cyber Security Specialist.

There is a new and constantly evolving generation of highly sophisticated attacks targeting large enterprises. The proliferation of targeted ransomware, attacks that emerge through the software supply chain, and attacks that leverage perfectly legitimate software to hide their tracks (also known as Living off the Land attacks), are stretching security operations teams to their limits.

CA Southern Africa delivers Symantec Enterprise Cloud to the South African market powering a Global Intelligence Network (GIN), which is one of the largest civilian security threat intelligence networks in the world. Applying artificial intelligence to over 11 trillion elements of security telemetry, Symantec Enterprise Cloud has unparalleled visibility across endpoints, networks, e-mail and cloud applications, facilitating the discovery, blocking and remediation of advanced attacks that would otherwise go undetected.

“The solution allows organisations to deploy consistent protection across every control point. Symantec Enterprise Cloud uncovers and informs customers of about 100 000 new targeted attacks every single month,” says Nilesh Jivraj, CA Southern Africa, Cyber Security Sales Specialist.

“Thanks to Symantec Enterprise Cloud, products can share threat telemetry and intelligence with each other. If Symantec Enterprise Cloud discovers a new threat attempting to infiltrate an organisation through one web proxy, it automatically shares this information with all proxy customers and with every endpoint and e-mail security deployment as well. Each product makes the rest better, and a massive data lake combined with advanced analytics allows customers to find even the stealthiest attacks,” confirms Jivraj.

Endpoint security

Symantec Enterprise Cloud endpoint security portfolio provides comprehensive protection across laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, servers and cloud workloads. The single unified agent provides a stack of prevention and detection capabilities, including adaptive security, threat protection for Active Directory, mobile threat defence and endpoint detect and response.

Advanced application control functionality effectively locks down devices.

“Targeted attack analytics combined with our threat hunters uncover 100 000 new targeted attacks every month. Our extensive server security offerings protect business-critical servers whether deployed in private data centres or in the public cloud,” he adds.

Network security

Symantec’s network security portfolio blocks inbound and outbound threats that target end-users, both in the office or on the road, sensitive information and key infrastructure. “Our offerings include both on-premises and cloud-deployed secure web gateway (SWG) products, advanced threat intelligence, content analysis, management and reporting, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), sandboxing and web isolation.”

The Symantec network portfolio provides complete security controls for organisations implementing a modern secure access service edge (SASE) architecture.

Information security

Symantec’s information security portfolio keeps sensitive enterprise data secure no matter where it lives – on-devices, on-premises, in private data centres, in the cloud and on the road. “Our solutions provide comprehensive discovery, monitoring and protection capabilities, ensuring that you have complete visibility and control over your information everywhere it goes and can apply consistent data protection policies everywhere. We also help ensure that your data adheres to regulatory compliance requirements,” concludes Jivraj.


CA Southern Africa

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