Takealot extends PS5 Cyber Monday deal after huge demand

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 29 Nov 2023
Takealot shoppers snapped up the PlayStation 5 coupons in record time.
Takealot shoppers snapped up the PlayStation 5 coupons in record time.

E-commerce giant Takealot extended its Sony PlayStation 5 Cyber Monday special, after its original allotment of coupons were snapped up in less than a minute.

On Monday morning, the company advertised a 9am deal on the Sony PlayStation 5 as part of its Takealot Blue Dot Cyber Monday sale, with coupons being made available for a limited time to the first 50 customers.

The company says while its site and app remained live throughout, the coupon redemption limit was reached in under 60 seconds and some shoppers might have seen redemption limit messages.

The coupons allowed online shoppers to buy the gaming console – which normally sells on Takealot for R12 699 – for R7 999.

The huge demand prompted the e-commerce platform to run the deal again in the afternoon.

However, some shoppers who missed out on the deal took to X: “They updated my cart with the PS5 and then removed the applied discount after showing an error with the checkout. I am so disappointed,” said one comment.

Responding to ITWeb’s questions, Takealot says the PlayStation 5 coupon offer was “highly-limited”.

“Based on the high demand, Takealot released an additional 100 coupons for R2 000 off the highly-sought-after console. The coupons were released at 2pm on social media and units were limited to one per shopper.” 

Meanwhile, First National Bank (FNB) and Game experienced website crashes during Black Friday weekend, but were quick to resolve the issues and offer apologies to customers.

FNB suffered issues during its R185 deals on its app. In an apology issued on social media platforms, the bank said: “Midnight intermittent issues experienced on R185 deals on the FNB app were not cool and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. We are back up and there are still some Black Friday deals available to shop.”

Massmart-owned Game, which also experienced a crash during Black Friday, issued an online apology: “We are aware of the issues faced with the website, and we do extend our apologies. Not to worry, our team has resolved the matter so you can now successfully shop.”