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Tarsus On Demand, Sophos sign cyber defence pact

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 13 Nov 2023
Inayeth Govender, GM for demand generation at Tarsus On Demand.
Inayeth Govender, GM for demand generation at Tarsus On Demand.

Tarsus On Demand has partnered with IT security company Sophos, in an effort to increase cyber defence for cloud services.

According to a statement, the new partnership aims to enhance Tarsus On Demand’s existing cyber security offerings, and raise the bar for protection, detection and response to persistent attackers who are constantly changing their tactics, techniques and procedures.

“Our relationship with Sophos is a strategic move that underscores our commitment to provide our partners with the very best cyber security solutions available,” explains Inayeth Govender, demand generation GM at Tarsus On Demand.

Govender highlights that Sophos's security solutions are in line with the company’s mission to offer “effective” cyber defences to its partners.

“Working with Sophos reinforces Tarsus On Demand's commitment to delivering holistic cloud solutions. It solidifies the strategy to offer not only cloud services but also comprehensive security, making cyber security a fundamental component of Tarsus On Demand’s operations,” he states.

Tarsus On Demand offers channel partners access to aggregated offerings from cloud service providers, as well as tools that enable them to provide customers with access to cloud products and services.

It will also introduce a team of experts to provide training, support and guidance, enabling partners to effectively leverage the solutions.

“By working with Sophos and Tarsus On Demand, partners will receive automated provisioning and billing to accelerate their monthly recurring revenue,” says Scott Barlow, vice-president of global MSP and cloud alliances at Sophos.

“This administrative ‘ease of use’ allows partners to focus on what matters most and that is building their business by providing the best cyber security solutions that defeat cyber attacks.

“We know from our Sophos X-Ops experts that attacker dwell time is quickly diminishing, meaning there is less time to detect and stop attacks in progress. Having the right threat intelligence, products and services in place from the start helps partners better prevent, monitor and disrupt any attacks on their customers,” adds Barlow.

“With Sophos, we're addressing not just a trend but a necessity in cyber security,” Govender concludes.