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Tebogo Leshope appointed interim CEO at Sentech

Simnikiwe Mzekandaba
By Simnikiwe Mzekandaba, IT in government editor
Johannesburg, 31 Oct 2023
Sentech COO Tebogo Leshope has been appointed interim CEO.
Sentech COO Tebogo Leshope has been appointed interim CEO.

Sentech has appointed COO Tebogo Leshope as its interim CEO.

The state signal distributor confirmed this to ITWeb, saying its board of directors has appointed Leshope in the interim, who will serve until the search for a new CEO is completed.

He has been in the role from 16 October.

Leshope’s appointment comes as Mlamli Booi rounded up his eight-year tenure at the state entity.

Additionally, it comes as Sentech is moving towards becoming a merged entity with wholesale broadband provider Broadband Infraco, to set up the State Digital Infrastructure Company.

Interim CEO Leshope was named COO at the signal distributor in 2018, after being with company for nearly two decades and coming through the ranks.

Leshope is qualified in electrical engineering, with a Bachelor of Technology from the University of Johannesburg, project management from UNISA and is a registered professional with the Engineering Council of South Africa, South African Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Directors Southern Africa.

Mlamli Booi former Sentech CEO.
Mlamli Booi former Sentech CEO.

Booi served as Sentech CEO for eight years, succeeding Dr Setumo Mohapi who, at the time, was appointed to head up the State IT Agency.

During Booi’s tenure, Sentech undertook major projects such as embarking on a data centre project for both the public and private sector, introducing its own over-the-top platform, as well as driving the migration of the country's broadcasting services from analogue to digital.

Booi counts more than 20 years' experience in ICT engineering, policy, regulatory, strategy and management, having worked in the industry in various positions since 1986.

The former Sentech CEO holds an MSc degree in engineering from the University of Cape Town, and a postgraduate diploma in project management.

As to his next move, Sentech says Booi is pursuing his personal interests.