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Digital transformation is leaving no stone unturned as it disrupts every industry, system and business.

Pushing automation to the tipping point

Could a robot save you from losing your business? Or even your mind?

Four AI deployment lessons from Gartner

14 Feb

Despite huge levels of interest in artificial intelligence technologies, current implementations remain at low levels.

Leaders and followers in tech innovation

The ability to drill down into relevant information means you can determine the true cost drivers within the business and influence cost savings, says Malcolm Stewart, head of Business Development at Keyrus.

Desktop virtualisation: why it's still relevant

When the concept of desktop virtualisation arrived a few years ago, it promised the world. Where previously, businesses had to manage specifics, like what applications were loaded onto each PC manually, virtualisation allowed them do so remotely via centralised control. Desktop virtualisation, in effect, enables organisations to give their employees the flexibility to work anywhere, on any devices, but without compromising security. Virtualisation also protects a business in the case of an unforeseen event. If bad weather, for instance, prevented its employees from coming to work, it could have them work from home.

Love, compassion and other lessons from WEF 2018

With a well-timed focus on "creating a shared future in a fractured world", WEF 2018 also addressed the cyber-powered elephant in the room.

Ex-DiData CIO Wilcocks joins Discovery

The 22-year Dimension Data veteran has been appointed deputy group chief information officer at the financial services firm.

Sean Maritz suspended from Eskom

The parastatal's chief information officer has been suspended pending an investigation into allegations of impropriety.

Training for the C-suite on data science

The Deloitte School of Analytics is offering a three-day course in February on data science for C-suite titleholders in organisations.

Local expo to showcase AI business opportunities in Africa

The Artificial Intelligence Africa Expo 2018 hopes to build an AI business community across the continent, says expo chairman Roy Bannister.

Govt CIOs to increase cloud, analytics, security spend

The research firm outlines the top technologies targeted for new and additional spending by public sector CIOs in 2018.

From Clippy to Cortana: The human face of AI

While it's unclear if we are heading to a robot uprising or an artificial intelligence uplifting, we need to start thinking purpose-driven AI.

Why virtual CIO makes business sense

Jan 15, 2018

Every business deserves the same access to effective technology strategy. This means you no longer need to hire a full-time, onsite CIO, says Gerhard Conradie, Managing Director of Evolv Networks.