CIO Zone

Accenture’s SA cloud centre to train hundreds of engineers

The global IT consulting firm creates the Accenture Cloud Engineering Centre in SA, to upskill cloud engineers to fuel Africa’s cloud computing boom.


Addressing key misunderstandings about digital transformation

Many people and companies confuse digital transformation with modernisation, says James Hickman, head of sales at Altron Karabina.


No ‘new normal’ for SA’s digitally-transforming businesses

Most local companies say they have gone backwards in digital transformation, an indication the pandemic slowed efforts to digitalise organisations.


Don’t drive your Ferrari down a dirt road

In our connected world, the network is the business, so be proactive and ensure it is in tip-top shape, as it should be seen as a competitive differentiator.

14 Jul

Why businesses need to start upskilling with data science

With pressure mounting on companies to embrace data science as a culture rather than a function, businesses are facing a challenge they never quite anticipated.

13 Jul

Take control with technology expense management

Technology expense management can drive business growth, as it takes charge of tech expense sprawl as opposed to applying fear-based cost-cutting.


Uncovering the main business drivers behind ESM

Enterprise service management yields dramatic increases in operational efficiencies and customer/employee satisfaction at minimal incremental cost.

Jul 6, 2021

Improved data literacy equals data-driven digital transformation

Data literacy is the missing link in the data value chain, as the necessary know-how can extract the insights required to identify and develop new business opportunities.


SARS pins hopes on key tech as modernisation plans advance

The South African Revenue Service leans on artificial intelligence and machine learning to not only boost functions, but also improve its integrity.

Jul 5, 2021

Telviva appoints ICT industry veteran Antony Russell as CTO

The company says Antony Russell will be instrumental in the continued development of its product portfolio, serving local and international markets.


Public Sector ICT Forum sets date for next event

The Public Sector ICT Forum confirms its next event series will be a virtual webinar hosted on 16 July, as COVID-19 cases continue to surge.


The work from anywhere workforce needs SASE

Software-defined wide area network technology provides secure work from anywhere user access to all applications and data, no matter where it is resident.