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Cyber security is a business strategic function

Companies are mistaken when they relegate this to being just another IT function, warns TechnoChange Solutions.

The Big Five: enterprise software trends to watch in 2018

From user experience to automation - a big shakeup is set to take place in the enterprise software space.

Redefining the public sector CIO's role

CIOs must identify solutions for today while preparing for new things, says the National Lotteries Commission's Mothibi Ramusi.

Decolonising data: Navigating Africa through the unknown

Modern-day explorers need to invest in customer analytics, inclusive data policies and local innovation challenges.

How often do you regret your tech investment decisions?

ITWeb is running an ICT Purchasing Survey and wants to know how you decide what to buy, and from whom.

Govt finally appoints CIO

Six years after the departure of the previous government CIO, Mandla Ngcobo is appointed to set the state's ICT benchmark.

The evolution of the datacentre

Company executives have a lot of big decisions to make when it comes to their datacentres. There is compelling argument to do away with it all together and transfer all the data into some outsourced facility. But there are also reasons to keep the datacentre on-premise. This roundtable dives into the reasons for and against these moves.

Customer experience grows up

Companies must move beyond the idea that personalised content is enough, as personalised experiences offer so much more.

Scandal-ridden Eskom CIO Maritz resigns

The process to hold Sean Maritz to account for any proven wrongdoing can no longer be pursued.

Oracle forecasts big things for big data this year

22 Feb

Oracle predicts laggards will make the move to cloud, late big data adopters will benefit immensely, and AI will drive insights.

Pushing automation to the tipping point

Could a robot save you from losing your business? Or even your mind?

Access denied

Digital transformation is leaving no stone unturned as it disrupts every industry, system and business.

Four AI deployment lessons from Gartner

Feb 14, 2018

Despite huge levels of interest in artificial intelligence technologies, current implementations remain at low levels.