Teknosa Automotive selects Cquential warehouse management system

Johannesburg, 20 Oct 2020
Shaun O'Brien CEO Cquential WMS
Shaun O'Brien CEO Cquential WMS

Teknosa Automotive – one of the leading distributors of automotive spares in southern Africa – has partnered with Cquential WMS to optimise its warehouse distribution management system and support the company’s expansion into larger premises in Gauteng.

Teknosa commenced operations in 2008 and, since that time, has experienced steady growth due to market demand for quality components.

Cquential WMS – a subsidiary of the Argility Technology Group (ATG) – is a sophisticated Web-based warehouse management system (WMS) that provides real-time visibility of warehouse operations, which enables businesses to identify and respond to issues.

Resul Eraydin, Managing Director of Teknosa, says it was vital that the move to the larger warehouse premises was as seamless as possible. “We needed a WMS to provide visibility and inventory control. In the old warehouse, staff had knowledge of where the stock was located, and they could pick and distribute from memory. But the move into the bigger facility meant we required software so that staff could randomise stock storage and not be confined to rigid predetermined storage areas for specific items. The move also meant that we were increasing volumes so paper based picking and distribution was not meeting our needs,” says Eraydin.

He adds that Teknosa’s biggest goal is to supply quality products at a competitive price efficiently and effectively – this requires a state-of-the-art WMS facility.

“Due to the vast model range in South Africa, inventory and volumes are increasing all the time and a robust WMS is needed to enable the efficient delivery of products to the customer. Cquential has helped us to provide an excellent service to our customers while at the same time allowing us to control the movement of products into and out of the warehouse,” notes Eraydin.

Daniel Schotter, Operations Executive Cquential WMS, explains that Cquential WMS is a cloud hosted solution that allows users to execute and operate the software from the cloud on a recurring subscription. It provides analysis and optimisation of inventory, labour, equipment and space. “Our solution streamlines processes within warehouses, ensuring a structured workflow is followed from the time stock arrives, is stored, picked, packed and despatched to the customer. Cquential WMS ensures there is efficient collaboration across operations within the warehouse with clear separation of responsibilities between the various functions,” he says.

The Cquential WMS solution is hosted in a world-class data centre, which provides the highest level of availability, performance and security.

Schotter confirms the new warehouse went live in late 2019, but that Cquential continually engages with customers to certify that everything is functioning to expected standards. “We have a service excellence continuous improvement programme with all customers, whereby we perform minor adjustments where necessary. In this way, all of our customer relationships are ongoing,” says Schotter.


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