TelCables SA beefs up backbone network

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 27 Jun 2024
Mahen Naidu, TelCables SA’s head of business solutions.
Mahen Naidu, TelCables SA’s head of business solutions.

TelCables South Africa, a subsidiary of Angola Cables, has increased its bandwidth capacity from 500Gbps to 800Gbps to accommodate growth in data traffic on its network.

TelCables SA’s head of business solutions Mahen Naidu says the company has experienced rapid growth in data traffic and there was a need to provide faster, more secure connectivity, to help businesses better manage their SD-WAN, cloud and data traffic requirements.

The strengthened network will give customers 100Gigabit Ethernet capabilities when routing via Teraco JB1, Teraco CT1 and Teraco DB1.

“The real benefit of this is that network providers and other operators will be able to further expand their networks, increase their customer base and reconfigure traffic flows as and when required without disrupting network traffic or incurring multiple cross-connect fees,” says Naidu.

The company also announced the opening of two new points of presence (PoP) at NTT Parklands and at Xneelo Samrand in Johannesburg.

“This is on the back of the recently established Durban PoP, located at the Teraco Riverhorse DB1 facility,” adds Naidu.

In March this year, CEO of TelCables South East Africa Sudhir Juggernath said the Durban PoP was expected to stimulate the development of new networks and digital ecosystems along the East Coast of Africa and South Africa.