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Tellumat gives SA the thumbs-up with main facility revamp

Investment a vote of confidence in local opportunity
By DUO Marketing + Communications
Johannesburg, 11 Mar 2008

At a time when doom prophets are further harming confidence in South Africa's future, technology innovator Tellumat has demonstrated its faith in the country that gave it its opportunities, with a significant investment in the revamp of its main facilities in Tokai/Retreat in Cape Town.

"There is a growing resurgence of confidence in South Africa's future," says Graham Meyer, Tellumat Group financial director. "We want to be a part of that wave, by helping to create more opportunities from which we can all benefit. The fact that we're in a position to do so is after all the result of the countless opportunities we've had doing business here in the past."

Meyer says the group is modernising and reorganising its main facilities in a desire to use space more effectively and efficiently, improve business processes, and to create the sophisticated look and feel its blue chip customer base would expect to find.

In partnership with Faircape, the dynamic Cape-based property development company, Tellumat will revamp the layout and finishes of its campus buildings and facilities, which comprise an electronic manufacturing facility, a development / technology business unit, and diverse marketing, management and administration units. "Our facilities for engaging and working with customers will also be enhanced," says Meyer.

Putting a seal on things, Tellumat has signed a seven-year lease with Faircape. The developer, for its part, will move and extend parking facilities, upgrade access control and security, and beautify the natural milieu of the precinct. Tellumat and Faircape have and will be investing in full backup power generation, to be able to guarantee that Tellumat will keep honouring its customer obligations.

The initiative will have benefits for all partners and stakeholders, new entrants that can now be accommodated in the Tellumat Business Park in White Road, as well as upliftment of the broader Tokai/Retreat area. "This is just the latest instance of new property-related investments in the area," says Meyer. "It's obvious that businesses have faith in our shared future."



Tellumat is an innovative, black empowered, South African technology company that has achieved a BBBEE Status Level 4 rating, defined as "Superior Contributor to BEE" in terms of the DTI's Codes of Good Practice. It consists of three major trading divisions: Communications, Defence and Contract Manufacturing, and three partly owned companies: Sia Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Encee Engineering (Pty) Ltd and SIMpill (Pty) Ltd. Tellumat services three primary market areas, namely wireless voice and data communications, defence communication systems and high precision electronic and mechanical manufacturing. Tellumat is a world-class business focused on innovation, offering our customers dynamic and competitive technology products and services. We focus on understanding our customers' needs and forming long-term strategic alliances with likeminded enterprises worldwide.

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