The Digital Technology Adoption Survey goes live

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 04 May 2022
Mark James, head of training, The CRM Team
Mark James, head of training, The CRM Team

An ITWeb survey on the state of digital technology adoption, being conducted in partnership with The CRM Team, has gone live. The objective of the survey is to find out how effectively companies and people are adopting technology in different industries.

Mark James, head of training at The CRM Team, says: “We’d like to find out whether companies have digital adoption strategies in place, and where they are on deploying new technologies. Then we’d like to understand the challenges they face when it comes to digital technology adoption. Here we’re looking at the current technologies implemented, and whether there’s a risk of users not adopting the technology, which can result in a failed implementation.”

All too often technology adoption strategies end up being the last item on the checklist.

Mark James, The CRM Team.

The primary concern is that companies may be adopting technology without having a long-term strategy in place to ensure that people are using the technology to its full capacity. 

“All too often technology adoption strategies end up being the last item on the checklist, with training and user adoption not really considered as a key factor. Alternatively, the business thinks it will manage this internally, and simply never gets around to it.”

The main objective of the CRM Team is to support business in driving successful digital technology adoption in their organisations. James explains, “Properly managed digital technology adoption is essential to stay competitive for companies hoping to leverage digital technology to create new opportunities for the business and provide value to their customers.

“We’re hoping that the survey results will help us improve our service to clients when it comes to digital technology adoption and training by uncovering what they feel is lacking when it comes to engagement on digital adoption.

“Business may not realise the importance of having a digital adoption strategy, or what it means for their business. But simply put, without that strategy in place, your technology has a bigger risk of failing.”

We hope you’ll be able set aside a few minutes of your time to participate in the survey, and stand a chance to win a lucky draw prize, a Takealot voucher to the value of R3 000. The detailed results of the survey, and the prize winner, will be published on ITWeb.

To play your role in compiling this digital technology adoption trends report, click on this link.