The future of commerce… and it’s not made from bricks or mortar.

Johannesburg, 09 Apr 2020

The entire world as we know it has made a 180° flip in a matter of weeks. We’ve gone from freely roaming the streets to twiddling our thumbs in the confinement of home. Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses worldwide are quickly spiralling into bankruptcy, with no lifeboat or lifeline in sight.

The secret to succeeding in business, even in uncertain times and a turbulent global economy, lies in moving your shop online. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, there’s no better time than now for brick-and-mortar businesses to craft and implement a new online strategy and get a new lifeblood flowing. The coronavirus has done a lot of things, to a lot of people, but on the positive side of things, online shopping has boomed. This trend is here to stay, and if you don’t want to close your shop, you need to be prepared to move it.

Here’s why you need a sharp online presence:

  • 97% of shoppers look for local businesses like yours online.
  • 55% of conversions (resulting in purchases) happen +- 1 hour after the first mobile search.
  • There are over 18M e-commerce shoppers in South Africa - a number that’s projected to rise amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Something as simple as a better website could save your business from ruin. Here are some facts no SME can afford to ignore:

  • 75% of consumers judge companies based on their Web design.
  • 57% of web-users won’t recommend businesses with poor mobile websites.
  • Slow websites cost retailers almost $3 billion annually in lost sales.
  • 38% of people leave unattractive websites with bad layouts.
  • It takes users 0.05 seconds to decide whether or not they like a website, meaning those that look and work well will position your business for bigger sales!

If you have no idea how to move your shop online, let Web Guru help.

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