The importance of World Cloud Security Day

Johannesburg, 03 Apr 2024
Data privacy and security are key.
Data privacy and security are key.

World Cloud Security Day takes place on 3 April and serves as a reminder to businesses and individuals to relook, re-evaluate and strengthen their digital defences. Jessica Tandy, Partner at Bizmod, says cloud computing is increasingly becoming a necessity for all sizes of businesses, especially as it helps to reduce infrastructure costs, improve accessibility and streamline processes.

Tandy says in 2024, we will see data breaches and cyber attacks significantly increase and, as a result, so too will the need for high-level cyber security professionals to protect systems and networks, as organisations invest in protecting their digital infrastructure.

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) said that in 2023, South Africa saw a 22% increase in cyber attacks. Tandy says she believes this will continue to grow as organisations continue to manage and store valuable data. Smaller companies are not excluded as we see the risk of social engineering and AI-driven phishing attacks increasing.

“Data privacy and security play a key role in driving digital strategy, process optimisation, customer centricity, fraud prevention and information security,” Tandy concludes.

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