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The smarter approach to updating company tech

Johannesburg, 26 Jun 2024
Find a trusted buyback partner.
Find a trusted buyback partner.

Laptops, PCs, servers and mobile devices are often the very backbone of daily business operations. They give employees the exact tools they need to communicate, collaborate and complete tasks efficiently, and unlike bulky PCs, they make remote work possible.

However, clinging onto outdated hardware, whatever your reason for doing so, can quickly accumulate hidden costs, as old equipment can quickly erode productivity, security and, ultimately, your bottom line.

The great productivity drain

Yours wouldn’t be the first company to battle sluggish laptops that take forever to boot up, open programmes and respond to commands. This is a frustrating reality for far too many companies and there is always a common cause: outdated hardware.

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way, and updating your company’s hardware also doesn’t have to eat into your company budget, when you work with a buyback programme, one specifically designed to help you get an affordable tech upgrade.

The benefits of using a laptop buyback programme

When you are sitting with a multitude of outdated laptops, one of the best update options at your disposal is a laptop buyback programme from Universe Direct.

A well-designed buyback programme can help you make the most of the value that you probably don’t realise is trapped in your old laptop.

By selling your used laptops through a buyback programme, you can recover valuable capital that can be reinvested in newer, more efficient models. This allows you to upgrade your technology without breaking the bank. The latest technology is available at affordable prices at Universe Direct; whether 'new', 'open box' or 'as new', they offer major brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple at affordable prices.

Aside from saving money and getting your employees back into their productive groove, buyback programmes are a convenient way to dispose of your old equipment, eliminating the hassle and expense of secure data wiping and recycling (which will be great for your sustainability goals, if you have them).

Now, a word of warning

Not all buyback programmes are what they seem, which is precisely why it is so important that you find a trusted buyback partner.

Whatever laptop you are giving in will have your vital company data on it (even if you wiped it yourself, there could be sneaky ways and means of recovering and exploiting your data). South Africa’s largest refurbisher of IT equipment, Universe Direct, offers complete data-wiping, hereby complying with the POPI Act. To ensure all South African institutions conduct themselves in a responsible manner when storing personal information, POPIA holds companies accountable should personal information be compromised. Companies that do not comply with the POPI Act, regardless of whether it is intentional or accidental, can face severe penalties. Universe Direct will purchase your tech, minimising the overall cost of the e-waste cycle, and can co-ordinate a staff buyback programme. Or if your company would like to donate their assets to a charity, Universe Direct can arrange the logistics of setting up and installing these units, giving your company peace of mind.

Investing in the future of your company

A strategic buyback programme is not just about selling old laptops; it's about investing in the future of your business. By replacing outdated equipment with newer, more efficient models, you can empower your employees, bolster your data security and, ultimately, drive greater success for your organisation.

Interested in such a programme? Universe Direct has a reliable laptop buyback programme and also offers its clients a data-wiping service. For more information, contact South Africa’s largest refurbisher of IT equipment today. (021) 551 6254,