The ‘Uber for bakkies’ debuts Droppa Express

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 04 May 2020
Khathu Mufamadi, CEO of Droppa.
Khathu Mufamadi, CEO of Droppa.

Truck and bakkie e-hailing platform Droppa has expanded its offering, introducing an express delivery service for lightweight items within a 25km radius in just 24 hours.

Dubbed Droppa Express, the new service caters for the delivery of goods such as food, parcels, books, stationery and other smaller items less than 25kg.

In a statement, Droppa says its new service is available in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, adding that delivery bookings can be made via the company Web site or downloadable app from the Google Play or Apple stores.

“Droppa is continuously looking to enhance current service offerings, or to introduce new ones that meet the requirements of our customer base across South Africa’s four major cities,” says Khathu Mufamadi, Droppa CEO.

Like other e-hailing service providers, Droppa has re-focused its operating model to respond to the COVID-19 lockdown imposed by government.

South Africa currently has 6 783 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and the total deaths related to the coronavirus has now reached to 131, according to the Department of Health.

While its original operating model allows patrons and businesses to request a truck or bakkie for all furniture removals and logistics, last month Droppa said it will offer its services to businesses rendering essential services, such as retail stores, warehouses, fresh produce farms and medical suppliers.

In a similar way to Uber, Droppa does not own trucks but instead has driver-partners that have registered their vehicles, thus empowering and providing employment opportunities for many South Africans.

“The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented threat to businesses worldwide. Companies must react in different ways to ensure business continuity, improve the resilience of their supply chain, or pivot to innovate ways to generate revenue,” notes Mufamadi.