Think Tank Professional Services elevates service excellence through holistic consultant training

Diversifying perspectives for service management excellence.

Johannesburg, 07 Mar 2024
Nurturing a holistic perspective.
Nurturing a holistic perspective.

At Think Tank Professional Services, we recognise the profound impact of a diversified skillset beyond Ivanti Software. Our consultants are on a continuous journey, developing not only Ivanti proficiency, but also gaining a comprehensive understanding of analogous products and platforms. This ongoing training nurtures a holistic perspective crucial for service management excellence.

In today's landscape, service management evolves rapidly, incorporating trends highlighted in Gartner’s recent hype cycle. We are committed to developing our consultants' expertise in areas like DevOps, AIOps platforms, infrastructure automation, virtual support agents, continuous delivery, software asset management tools, automated incident response and more, ensuring they become adept at leveraging these advancements to enhance service delivery.

Fostering rich engagements and conversations

Beyond problem-solving, our upskilling initiatives prioritise honing communication skills. Through continuous learning, our consultants are becoming equipped to engage clients in meaningful discussions, offering insights into broader service management and emerging technologies, thereby fostering richer client engagements and insightful conversations.

Enhancing digital user experience excellence

Central to our mission is enhancing our clients' digital user experience (DEX). Through ongoing training, our consultants are becoming well-rounded and proficient across multiple platforms, positioning them to deliver tailored solutions that ensure a seamless and positive DEX for our clients.

A unified approach to excellence

As we celebrate milestones like completing Ivanti Software training and obtaining Precision Bridge and Workato certifications, we're committed to a unified vision of excellence. Our dedication to the ongoing expansion of our consultants' horizons ensures that Think Tank remains at the forefront of service management, continuously adapting and leading in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Our emphasis on diversified perspectives through continuous training and development isn't merely about adapting to change, it's about leading it.