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three6five signs Mesh Telecom as its first African customer to its CloudNet NFV services

Johannesburg, 27 Mar 2017

Systems integrator three6five has announced that South African-based Mesh Telecom is one of the early adopters of its CloudNet NFV - vDPI service offering.

"We chose three6five as a partner due its excellent technical track record, and the fact that it had put together a seamless offering that addressed many of our needs," says Darren Keogh, Sales Director at Mesh Telecom. "Although we have been running the solution for a limited time period, we have already found CloudNet vDPI to provide a mechanism whereby our customers now truly enjoy a superior user experience."

CloudNet services complement and enhance the performance, versatility, stability and services of an IP network, and are available as on-site or cloud-based solutions. These include: AAA, Tacacs, Availability Monitoring, Configuration Management, Performance Management, vDPI, vADC, vCPE, SD WAN, vFW and DNS services.

"We are delighted that Mesh Telecom has shown faith in our systems and services, and has signed up for our CloudNet services," says Ian Carpenter, head of the customer advocacy group charged with CloudNet development at three6five. "We look forward to extending our working relationship with this dynamic organisation and providing top-line services both to Mesh Telecom and its customers."

Mesh Telecom specialises in installations that are multi-tenanted, such as office parks, where bandwidth management and reporting on an individual basis is crucial.

"As CloudNet vDPI provides a user-friendly single management scalable platform, we anticipate substantial cost and efficiency savings," says Keogh. "In addition, three6five has significant technical resources that are always available to us."

The support provided by three6five provided a significant business incentive for Mesh Telecom to choose the CloudNet system. "We don't want to become dependent on a few internal engineers only, to provide services to our customers," says Keogh. "three6five has a significant number of highly qualified engineers who are available to assist us at any time, which allows us to enhance our value proposition to our customer base."

Mesh Telecom expects the detailed reporting on bandwidth management available from the CloudNet system will result in an improved user experience and better business return on its customers' bandwidth investment.

And these costs savings could be significant - Keogh says in some cases, torrent streaming can account for up to 60% of bandwidth usage. Undetected, this can result in slowdown of productivity and higher bandwidth costs. By using CloudNet's services, Mesh can then throttle bandwidth dynamically on certain services, to ensure continued business bandwidth availability to its customers.

"For example, we frequently come across a situation where a single user in a small to medium-sized office is absorbing most of the company's bandwidth via torrent or video streaming," he says. "The reporting available through Sandvine on CloudNet means we can provide a report to the customer, showing which user is absorbing the data and for what purpose, enabling transparency and accountability."



Formed in 2009, three6five is a specialist IP networking systems integrator, value-added reseller and network-centric cloud provider that delivers first-world services to enterprises and carriers across Africa. three6five prides itself on a rigorous approach to network implementation that satisfies its customers' business needs. It fields a range of best-in-breed products to complement its strong technical skills, creating practical solutions for empowering African communications. For more information, visit

Mesh Telecom

Mesh Telecom was formed in 2008 as a company targeting the development and facilitation of ICT services in the ever-changing communications industry. By introducing state-of-the-art products and services to help customers realise cost savings through alternate voice carriers, management software for controlling communication expenses, IP faxing technologies, and data services, Mesh is able to provide end-to-end communication technologies backed by unprecedented customer service and support. For more information, visit

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