Ticketpro launches Spotnana-based business travel service

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 24 Aug 2023
Brandon Duffield, CEO of Ticketpro Travel Solutions.
Brandon Duffield, CEO of Ticketpro Travel Solutions.

Online ticketing agent Ticketpro, part of the Blue Label Telecoms Group, has launched Ticketpro Travel Solutions to challenge the legacy business travel market.

The company will use its partnership with global travel platform Spotnana to provide a busine travel solution based on Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service infrastructure,

Spotnana’s tech stack incorporates an online booking tool, agent desktop, booking engine, system of record, and content engine. It features advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to help companies optimise travel spend and make more informed decisions.

“Business travel within Africa has been steadily increasing due to economic growth and globalisation. Many African countries have been experiencing improved business environments and increased foreign investment, leading to more corporate travel,” says Brandon Duffield, CEO of Ticketpro Travel Solutions.

Duffield says legacy travel management companies often have access to global distribution systems (GDS) to search for and book flights and accommodation.

“Ticketpro Travel Solutions is not reliant on the GDS to distribute inventory, thereby giving our customers access to richer consumer grade content. We show no bias toward a supplier and therefore show all available fares/rates.”

He says this level of innovation is what the business market has needed for some time now. Traveller behaviour has changed since the pandemic – travellers have adopted technology faster than expected, and fast-tracked the need for service providers in the sector to digitally transform.

“For too long we have hidden behind unseen fees and legacy systems. For the actual traveller this engenders a clear frustration for what should be the most seamless part of their journey. We see exactly what our customers see – that the industry is limited by legacy providers. We have removed hidden fees, which frustrate travel category leaders when they try to reconcile travel invoices, etc.”

Duffield says Ticketpro Travel Solutions aims to remove as much frustration and anxiety from the purchasing journey as possible. “Why would the way we purchase travel be any different [from other online purchasing]?"