To VOIP or not to VOIP: that is the question

With line rentals, mobile costs and fixed-line costs increasing, companies would be amiss not to entertain transferring to VOIP, says Dominic Sardinha, owner of Abacus Telecomm.

Cape Town, 24 Apr 2015

Is it time for you and your company to finally make the jump to VOIP? The answer is most definitely yes!

"With line rentals, mobile costs and fixed-line costs increasing, one would be amiss not to - at the very least - entertain VOIP," says Dominic Sardinha, owner of Abacus Telecomm. "The one sector in the telecommunications arena that is consistently decreasing [in costs] is VOIP," he continues.

VOIP is also not just for large companies anymore. SMEs and individuals can also reap the benefits of VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol).

In a nutshell, VOIP is making a telephone call using one's Internet connection, as opposed to the traditional fixed-line and/or mobile connections. In the past, South African Internet connections were not ready to sustain the flow of voice packets over the Internet, but that has now changed.

Internet access now comprises fast ADSL, VDSL, fibre-optic, LTE and microwave links. With data traffic speeds of up to 150mb/s, one can confidently now make a telephone call over these connections.

"The one thing Abacus Telecomm does not do," continues Sardinha, "is charge line rentals or minimum call costs. We charge only for the telephone calls made and nothing else."

"In addition, our VOIP rates are aggressively and competitively placed, at only 63c per minute for SA mobile calls and 24c per minute on SA land line calls. All per second billing."

The beauty of VOIP is that one can even use a mobile or smart device to connect to a VOIP platform. If one is in a WiFi hotspot area, then they too can benefit from the reduced call tariffs.

Abacus Telecomm is a holistic telecommunications service provider and has been servicing clients on VOIP for in excess of seven years now. Abacus has a vast knowledge of VOIP and all things telecom, and with this expertise at hand, is able to provide effective telecommunications solutions with the primary focus being to reduce companies' overall telecommunication costs.


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