Transaction Junction helps Unipos deliver real customer satisfaction

Johannesburg, 30 Aug 2021

With a client base that reaches the smallest corner café with a single till point, to massive cash and carries with over 100 till points, Unipos, a trusted and well-established point of sale provider to more than 1 000 retail businesses, needed a reliable payment processor to manage its clients’ payment requirements.

Opting for Transaction Junction as a payment processing partner

At one point, explains Unipos' Chris Rossouw Jnr, the organisation’s chosen payment processing company was creating numerous challenges. He points out that when customers’ systems gave errors, Unipos found that resolving such an issue sometimes required a 400km drive, only to find out on arriving that the challenge was not on site, but elsewhere.

“This was one of the reasons we chose to align with a new payment processor, and I can say that since we shook hands with Transaction Junction, we have had no serious issues, despite having around 250 active terminals.

Unipos was launched by Rossouw’s father, Chris Rossouw Snr, in 1984 as a computer hardware business. It was a decade later he saw a gap in the market for POS software. At the time, he says, everyone was struggling, as they had computers but no adequate software to accommodate for the retail industry.

Client-to-client relationships

At Unipos, we have placed a great focus on client-to-client business relationships, and Transaction Junction has only helped us to improve this. Their payment gateway is very user-friendly, and clients tell me they love the speed and ease of use of the system,” says Rossouw, adding that many suggest they wish that they had switched over much earlier.

He notes the Transaction Junction system has improved things in both directions too. On the retailers’ side, it has significantly improved the cashing up process, while on the client side, they have improved payment security and a reduction in human error, as the amounts go directly into the card terminal.

Transactions. Technology. Transformation.

Rossouw outlines an example of the impact Transaction Junction has had on Unipos, explaining that the company has a major client in Cape Town that has 114 till points. This customer had experienced difficulties with the card system, which is a huge challenge when the organisation processes well over a million rand a day, of which approximately 70% is card transactions.

We work well with Transaction Junction because both our businesses operate on the same basis – adjusting our methods to stay up to date with new technology.”

He notes that Transaction Junction’s support is great too, with the company keeping him up to date every minute once a call has been logged. These regular notifications are sent to both Unipos and their clients, he continues, suggesting that regularly updating everyone on the progress being made is a cornerstone of good customer service.

“If you play in our arena, you are well aware how rapidly technology evolves. Because it is difficult to keep up, it is more important than ever to make sure that whatever is implemented into the system will last for between five and 10 years. To this end, we are developing a new cloud program, which is launching in October this year and that we think will surpass any existing POS system in SA. We look forward to the integration process and to working closely with Transaction Junction once again,” he concludes.

Unipos Point of Sale

Unipos Point of Sale develops, enhances and maintains POS software systems for use in all retail trading environments. Unipos is currently operational in thousands of entities in southern Africa. Its software is renowned for speed and power, flexibility and ease of use.

Unipos Point of Sale software and hardware works perfectly in liquor stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, butcheries, cash and carries and other smaller or larger retail stores. Its different software packages are guaranteed to suit your business size and pocket! (051) 436 9775 / (061) 434 2001


Transaction Junction

Transaction Junction (TJ) focuses on the digital payments journey, using technology and innovation to enhance the overall customer experience.

TJ is a business-enablement transaction platform that delivers digital payment solutions to suit the needs of businesses across diverse markets, while ensuring that the regulatory requirements are taken care of.

TJ provides services that encompass every level of touchpoint in the payment chain, ensuring that payments are delivered at the point of sale (POS) securely and timeously. TJ solutions provide retailers with the flexibility they need when it comes to choosing the financial services provider, digital product ranges and end-user devices they require.  

TJ consistently delivers innovations via the introduction of new technologies, payment types and economies of scale, all positively influencing the integrity of the overall transaction flow.

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