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Transforming grid stability: The Macrocomm approach

Johannesburg, 31 May 2024

South Africa's ongoing struggle with grid stability and power supply necessitates innovative solutions. Frequent power outages with inefficient use of electricity have taken a toll on households and businesses alike. Macrocomm is at the forefront of addressing these challenges with two groundbreaking solutions: the Geyser Controller Unit and the GridSmart system. By integrating both technologies, it is possible to significantly reduce unnecessary electricity usage and enhance grid reliability to the benefit of all South Africans.

Macrocomm's Geyser Controller Unit allows users to manage their geyser's operation efficiently by controlling on-off cycles and adjusting temperature settings via the smart app. The solution reduces energy consumption significantly, resulting in cost savings and a lighter load on the electrical grid. For example, users can save up to 30% on their geyser-related electricity costs, contributing to a more sustainable and reliable power supply.

In order to further reduce energy consumption and optimise utilisation, Macrocomm has designed and developed GridSmart, a solution that complements the Geyser Controller, providing users with remote access to manage the power supply of their businesses and offices. This system can be integrated directly into the distribution board (DB board), allowing users to switch various electrical circuits on and off. The ability to distinguish between critical and non-critical loads allows users to prioritise essential appliances and equipment while temporarily shutting down non-essential ones during peak demand periods. The advantage this gives businesses aids in their ability to be productive and competitive as they are able to optimise their use of electricity. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also enhances grid stability by preventing overload.

A practical example is a typical pool pump, which can consume a significant amount of electricity. On average, a pool pump can use between 1 500 watts to 2 500 watts (1.5kWh to 2.5kWh) per hour. If the pool pump runs for six hours a day, it could consume 9kWh to 15kWh daily. With GridSmart, you can schedule the pool pump to run during off-peak hours or as needed, potentially reducing its daily energy consumption by 18% or more.

Both the Geyser Monitor and GridSmart devices are locally manufactured, allowing for reduced lead times and the ability to customise devices to cater to specific regional needs or customer preferences. Quality control is another significant benefit as direct oversight of production processes allows for prompt issue resolution and the maintenance of high-quality standards. Additionally, local manufacturing eliminates or reduces shipping costs and, in turn, translates to a more affordable product for the consumer.

Although businesses cannot resolve the energy crisis in South Africa on their own, the mindful use of electricity will contribute positively to the stabilisation of the grid. Take your first step towards reduced usage and increased cost savings by contacting us for your smart made simple business solutions.

Smart made simple business solutions.
Smart made simple business solutions.