TrueNorth Group's strategic approach to AI: Microsoft solutions designations, internship programme and embracing new technologies

TrueNorth Group becomes Microsoft Solutions Partner, showcasing expertise in data solutions and bridging the skills gap.

Johannesburg, 06 Jul 2023

TrueNorth Group has successfully transitioned from Microsoft Gold Partner to Microsoft Solutions Partner. Achieving designations in Data & AI (Azure) as well as Digital & App innovation (Azure), proving its expertise in building best-in-class solutions on Microsoft’s web services platform. TrueNorth Group has been a proud Microsoft Partner for more than a decade, fostering a strong and collaborative relationship. 

TrueNorth Group has also recognised a need for data professionals that have achieved academic success but also gained practical work and project experience. Bridging the gap between graduation and gaining actual work experience is an obstacle for graduates and companies alike, as companies need experienced professionals, while graduates have difficulty entering the work market without valid experience.

TrueNorth Group's internship programme, launched in April 2023, welcomed three data graduates to its Cape Town office. At the midway mark, the interns shared their feedback, highlighting the programme's impact on their careers. Mandisa Msongelwa expressed her satisfaction, stating: "This has been a place to learn and grow. Such a great foundation for my career." 

Tasreeq Adams agreed, stating: "TrueNorth Group transformed my skills and career, empowering me to grow with invaluable qualifications and continuous upskilling opportunities." 

The graduates completed their studies in digital transformation and further gained valuable skills in data practices using Azure Cloud technologies. They also obtained Azure certifications, contributing to the pipeline of certified Azure data engineering developers. Zintle Magwaxaza confirmed the programme's success, stating: "I gained valuable real-world experience and software development skills by working with experienced professionals."

“Gaining the Microsoft Solutions Partner designation and the launch of the internship programme is an important part of TrueNorth Group’s ongoing commitment to continual improvement in its solutions and skills of employees as it develops innovative solutions to clients, driving their data enablement and revenue growth with rapid return on investment into data solutions," said TrueNorth Group’s CEO, Hardus Odendaal.

As experts in Microsoft’s individual services, Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure DataBricks, TrueNorth Group is excited to bring its clients' data into the era of analytics and AI with new tools such as Microsoft Fabric, leveraging Microsoft Fabric as a unifying layer bringing all these services together. 

This new innovation will provide a cohesive and integrated platform that streamlines data integration, management and analytics across these services. Microsoft Fabric will enhance the functionality and efficiency of the existing services by enabling seamless communication and coordination between them, eliminating data silos and promoting a unified approach to data analytics. It simplifies the process for companies to leverage the capabilities of multiple services simultaneously and extract maximum value from their data.

"We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of AI innovation, constantly staying ahead and mastering the latest Microsoft products. Our commitment to ongoing skills development ensures we deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients to harness the true power of AI," said Hennie Fouche, Managing Director, TrueNorth Group.