Trusted data at the core: How Altron Security and OneTrust enhance business resilience

Trusted data is at the core of OneTrust’s platform.

Johannesburg, 10 Jun 2024
Building a fabric of trust.
Building a fabric of trust.

More stringent regulations, the rise of artificial intelligence and the need for better environmental, social and governance (ESG) has meant that the implementation of trust management, data and privacy programmes is now paramount.

Altron Security brought the OneTrust platform into its solution offering fold as there is a good fit and dovetail between both companies. Together they build a fabric of trust that our customers can leverage by choosing from a range of modules that can be implemented according to their needs.

In navigating the plethora of regulations that organisations have to negotiate (AI Act, Dora, NIS2, PCI DSS, SOC 2, Sapin 2, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, POPIA), major companies and international groups are subject to an increasing number of standards, laws, regulations and other directives that apply globally.

The volume of regulations has doubled in 15 years. Every day, 12 new laws or updates are published. This is why the trust intelligence market is booming. Data, and more specifically, trusted data, is at the heart of every company’s concerns. After investing in ERP deployment 20 years ago, CRM 10 years ago and experience management programmes five years ago, organisations now consider responsible data and AI use as their new competitive advantage.

Three hundred patents filed and a world-class research and development team

To keep up with regulatory and technological changes and navigate this new complexity, OneTrust relies on a network of 1 600 legal research contributors, 40 expert collaborators and over 500 lawyers across 300 jurisdictions to provide clients with continuous, real-time global regulatory analysis. AI has been integrated to conduct precise research and summaries. They also leverage over 300 patents filed worldwide.

OneTrust works closely with clients and continuously evolves the platform to anticipate these changes. OneTrust has R&D teams worldwide. They also interact with European and international regulatory bodies, as well as the big four firms, which strengthens their ecosystem and keeps them at the forefront.

One of OneTrust’s primary observations is that companies today have varying levels of maturity in data and risk management. The most successful companies are those that use data and AI safely and responsibly. Their KPIs demonstrate the relevance of their choices: through strategic programmes implemented over the long term with their clients, they generate more revenue for themselves and their ecosystem.

The rise of AI concerns companies

Although organisations didn’t wait for companies like OneTrust to implement data privacy and GRC programmes, the rise of AI is leading them to turn to such actors.

Faced with the increasing sophistication of AI, some companies lack visibility on data mapping and collection or usage modalities, such as which departments use AI, which suppliers are involved and how to apply the ‘privacy by design’ principle to AI systems. The OneTrust platform and partners can support them in establishing governance based on risk and compliance management for responsible and secure data and AI use.

OneTrust’s priority is the responsible use of AI. As new technologies like generative AI become more popular, massive data collection and the ability to deliver measurable results and mitigated risks become imperative. These measurable results are achieved through KPIs, dashboards and a cockpit that enables decision-making and the implementation of more mature personal data protection programmes. Data collection must be analysed, but also, and above all, matured.

In anticipation of the AI Act’s entry into force in 2026, OneTrust has already released a solution called “AI Governance”. Effective data governance facilitates early detection of data-related risks, improving project success rates by applying controls to data in the pipeline and AI models during development, experimentation and deployment. Overall, the solution enables informed decision-making, minimises the time and cost of evaluating proprietary and third-party AI systems, and ultimately builds trust with clients while staying compliant with regulations.

A truly integrated platform

OneTrust offers a comprehensive and integrated platform aimed at centralising and managing data and AI securely, responsibly and in compliance with regulatory guidelines through automation. The platform covers various aspects including data privacy, data governance, GRC, data security posture management and more.

To successfully carry out such projects, the entire company must be organised around trusted data management. CISOs/RSSIs, DPOs, chief data officers, CIOs, CTOs and compliance officers are all involved in managing this data, which has become the new currency within companies.

Thanks to the OneTrust platform, they can address their infosec programme challenges by automating certification processes, notably for Dora, ISO 27001/27701, SOC 2, Europrivacy, NIST, etc. They can continuously assess data and security levels, automatically correct issues related to data policies and maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring that data is known, protected and governed according to jurisdiction and data type. 

Finally, instant access to risk analyses of thousands of third parties allows monitoring of ongoing threats faced by companies and mitigation of IT and third-party risks through a single collaborative platform.

For all your OneTrust needs and requirements, please contact Alistair Pritchard (Senior Specialist: Data) or Grant Long (Practice Lead: Data & Cryptography) at



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