Turn your unused IT assets into CASH

Johannesburg, 29 Oct 2020

We offer cash for your laptops and PC hardware. So, if you know it’s time to get rid of your old equipment, sell your hardware to us. Universe Direct is South Africa’s largest distributor of refurbished IT equipment.

"Asset disposal for cash is an easy process that benefits your business in more ways than one. Companies get a higher return on investment if they act quickly on recycling their assets," says Andrew Craig, owner of Universe Direct.

"Unfortunately, though, many companies hold on to their assets for a period of time and their assets lose value. Recycling your assets with Universe Direct ensures data destruction on your equipment is carried out and keeps your business safe. 

“All the refurbished equipment that Universe Direct sells has been wiped clean of data and reset back to factory defaults,” says Craig.

We will buy any quantity of IT equipment, provide free shipping and if necessary, we can handle palletising, shrink-wrapping and freight shipments for you. Our Universe Direct Asset Recovery Team will guide you through the process, so you can turn your excess inventory into cash quickly.

Our IT equipment is rigorously tested for quality assurance, and its performance is guaranteed. Universe Direct is South Africa’s largest distributor of refurbished IT equipment and we pride ourselves on our ongoing guarantee of both equipment, onsite and remote service.

Call us to quote on your used IT assets today.


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