TV white space internet comes to KZN community

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 22 Mar 2024
Harry Gwala District households and residents can anticipate enhanced connectivity.
Harry Gwala District households and residents can anticipate enhanced connectivity.

KwaZulu-Natal firm AdNotes, in collaboration with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the United Nations Development Programme, has deployed internet services using TV white space (TVWS) technology in Harry Gwala District.

This forms part of AdNotes’ TVWS rural network connectivity project that has been connectingKZN communities to affordable broadband access.

In statement, the CSIR says Harry Gwala was selected as one of seven districts nationwide to benefit from the rural TVWS network operator support programme.

It is based on a model of utilising unused television frequencies allocated for broadcast in a particular area to provide connectivity.

Dr Lulama Wakaba, executive cluster manager: CSIR NextGen enterprises and institutions, says: “The inauguration of the TV white space network signifies a significant stride towards leveraging technological advancements for inclusive societal progress.

“Through the adoption of innovative solutions, we are poised to diminish the digital chasm and unlock avenues for equitable growth and empowerment within marginalised communities.”

“The synergistic partnership among AdNotes ISP, the CSIR and UNDP epitomises the potential of public-private collaboration to engender impactful solutions that ensure inclusivity and resilience in an era defined by digital transformation,” comments Gabriel Dava, deputy resident representative for UNDP South Africa.

According to the CSIR, Harry Gwala households and residents can anticipate enhanced connectivity, enabling access to telemedicine, online education platforms, e-government services and digital entertainment.

Harry Gwala sites that are TVWS beneficiary locations include Sinevuso High School, Moses Kotane Institute computer hub centre and call centre Byteflows.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the successful launch of the TV white space network in the Harry Gwala District,” states Nathi Mbele, CEO of AdNotes.

“This initiative represents a significant step towards narrowing the digital divide and fostering inclusive growth. We are grateful for the collaboration with the CSIR, UNDP South Africa and all stakeholders who contributed to making this project a reality.”

“This infrastructure will not only elevate individual experiences but also catalyse economic growth and social development throughout the Harry Gwala region. It will position it at the forefront of the digital revolution, fostering a more connected and empowered community,” says the CSIR.