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UCT Online High School offers 500 scholarships

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 01 Aug 2023
UCT Online High School scholarship beneficiaries will have 50% of their fees paid for.
UCT Online High School scholarship beneficiaries will have 50% of their fees paid for.

The University of Cape Town’s (UCT’s) online high school is working with corporates and philanthropic partners, to offer the UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship programme to underprivileged learners.

The online school and partners are sponsoring partial scholarships for 500 deserving learners in grades eight to 11 across the country, for those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals.

According to the UCT online school, approximately 80% of South Africans still cannot afford tuition fees for a high-quality secondary education.

The Learning Liberated Scholarship offers partial scholarships for the January 2024 registration period, to make education more accessible to a diverse range of learners who may not be able to afford the full tuition.

This approach allows for more efficient distribution of financial aid, supporting a larger number of learners with available funds, says the university. Additionally, funding through donations and philanthropy increases support for the programme, as donors can see the tangible impact on multiple learners.

"In the South African context, academic scholarships in partnership with corporate South Africa are not just desirable, but necessary,” says Grant Ruskovich, chief partnerships officer at UCT Online High School.

“UCT Online High School represents an educational game-changer − bridging the gap and granting deserving and capable young South Africans the opportunity to access high-quality online education. It is a pivotal step we must take now in order to make a profound difference in our society, and for our youth’s future."

The school’s partial scholarship includes 50% of the tuition fee for the duration of the scholarship awarded and 100% of the SACAI Grade 12 examination fee, it says.

Partial scholarships also foster a sense of commitment among recipients to maintain academic performance, leading to higher success rates.

Guardians will be expected to pay for all stationery, language set-works, textbooks (if required), the learner’s laptop, internet access, a printer and headphones.

Launched in January 2022, the UCT Online High School says it has successfully provided education to over 4 500 learners across SA.

The school offers a CAPS curriculum, resulting in the National Senior Certificate, covering 19 subjects for grades eight through 12.

According to the school, its online learning model breaks down the traditional barriers that have hindered the country's education system.

To see if you qualify for the scholarship, click here.