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Unlocking customer engagement: Is Google Business Messaging the right fit for your business?

Is Google Business Messaging right for your business? Explore the features and benefits and decide for yourself.

Johannesburg, 10 Aug 2023
AI and GBM for business.
AI and GBM for business.

Picture this for a moment: your business, a bustling hive of activity, is using Google’s vast reach to directly connect with customers from their search results. Sounds a bit sci-fi, doesn't it? But thankfully, we're not talking about something in the distant future. This tool is available to you right now and goes by the name Google Business Messaging (GBM).

This platform is turning customer interaction on its head, enhancing your service, building relationships and adding that extra oomph to your business’s online presence.

But is it really an elixir for all businesses? Let’s find out.

What is Google Business Messaging (GBM)?

Google Business Messaging is a platform that allows businesses to communicate with customers directly through Google devices and platforms. It offers advanced features like high-quality videos and images, carousels, suggested replies and location sharing. Customers can ask questions, get support, make purchases and more, directly through the platform.

GBM fabulous features

Before we deep dive into the details of GBM, let's take a gander at its main features:

  1. You can send and receive messages with your customers, creating a two-way flow of communication.
  2. Entry points are aplenty – from Google Search, Google Maps to your very own channels.
  3. Suggested replies make conversations a breeze.
  4. It provides delivery and read receipts, making sure your messages don't float around in the digital ether.
  5. GBM is not just a pretty face – it's intelligent too, capable of making routing and processing decisions.
  6. And, finally, it boasts a wealth of rich features like high-quality media, carousels and location sharing.

That's an impressive resumé, wouldn't you say??

Google Business Messaging: The secret sauce in the messaging realm

How does GBM set itself apart from other messaging platforms? For a start, it's intimately integrated with familiar Google services such as Maps and Search. This unique trait makes it an instant, all-in-one customer engagement platform.

Basically, GBM is not just another player in the game; it's changing how the game is played.

Let's consider some examples:

  • Retailers: Whether you're a traditional high-street shop or an online e-commerce platform, GBM can connect you directly with your customers, enabling real-time communication to resolve queries or offer personalised shopping advice.
  • Restaurants and cafés: Need to confirm a booking? Want to advertise today's special? GBM could be your direct line to your customers, adding that extra touch of personal service that could make all the difference.
  • Service providers: Whether you're a plumber, electrician or personal trainer, GBM can allow you to provide instant quotes, availability or even advice directly to your clients.
  • Medical and health services: For clinics, hospitals or health centres, GBM can be a valuable tool for sending reminders about appointments, addressing patient queries or even providing health tips.
  • Educational institutions: Schools, colleges and tutoring services can use GBM for sending reminders about classes, assignments or even addressing student or parent queries.

So, whether you're selling products, offering services or providing education, if your business is about people (and let's be real, isn't that every business?), GBM could very well be the magic touch you need.

AI and GBM: Technological tango

When artificial intelligence (AI) and GBM come together, it's like watching a perfect pair of dancers in a well-choreographed routine. Each movement is seamless, each step in harmony, creating an effective and enthralling spectacle.

Let's have a closer look at this hi-tech tango:

Intelligent routing and processing: Like a seasoned dance lead, AI guides GBM through the intricacies of managing customer interactions. It helps decide where to route customer messages, ensuring the right department or individual handles each customer's query. Just think of it as an adept dance partner smoothly guiding you across the dance floor, making sure you're in the right place at the right time.

Automated replies and suggested replies: GBM takes the guesswork out of replying to common customer queries with AI-suggested responses. It's like having a choreographed routine for the most frequently asked questions. Your responses are always on point and your timing impeccable, resulting in a performance that delights your audience (or, in this case, your customers).

AI-driven chatbots: You have the option to introduce custom chatbots to your GBM platform or take advantage of GBM's AI-driven features. It's like having a choice between a freelance dancer with their unique style or a star performer who's been trained by the best in the business (which is Google, in this case). Whichever you choose, you'll be adding a touch of finesse to your customer service routine.

Processing purchases: But wait, there's more! Your GBM chat agent can even process purchases. Yes, that's right – customers can make purchases right through the chat. It's as if you're walking into a shop, asking the shopkeeper about a product and then paying for it without ever leaving the conversation.

So, how does AI fit into GBM? It's an integral part of the choreography, ensuring each customer interaction is a flawless performance. It enhances efficiency, ensures accuracy and, most importantly, helps you deliver a customer service experience that's worthy of a standing ovation.

Analytics – GBM's hidden superpower

If at any point you were puzzling as to whether the effort you’ve put into setting up GBM is paying dividends, you’ll want to explore the analytics features. These insights give you all the insider knowledge you need.

Performance tracking: Just like a GPS guiding you on a road trip, GBM's analytics can guide your customer engagement strategies by showing you what's working and what's not. It allows you to track the performance of your customer interactions and tailor your approach accordingly. Did that last promotion lead to an influx of messages? GBM analytics will tell you.

Customer insights: Want to know when your customers are most active or which products they enquire about the most? The analytics tools in GBM can help you understand your customers' behaviour, enabling you to serve them better. It's like having a window into your customers' preferences.

Evaluation and improvement: With GBM analytics, you can assess the effectiveness of your chat agents. Which responses lead to the best customer satisfaction? Which agents have the highest response rate? With GBM, you can turn these answers into strategies for improvement.

So, GBM analytics aren't just numbers and graphs. They're insights, roadmaps and revelations that can shape your business strategies. If knowledge is power, then GBM's analytics is your business's secret superpower.

Cellfind: Your GBM partner in progress

Let's say you're ready to dive into the world of Google Business Messaging, but you're not sure where to start. Having partnered with Google's Business Messages, Cellfind makes these customer engagement opportunities not only accessible but also effective for your business.

Working with Cellfind can bring myriad benefits to your business, including a guided set-up, expert advice, ongoing support and smart optimisations. In essence, Cellfind acts as a bridge between your business and GBM, ensuring you can unlock the full potential of this platform.

Enhance your customer experience with GBM

GBM isn't just about sending and receiving messages. It's about providing a seamless, personalised customer experience. With features like high-quality media and location sharing, instant shopping and AI integration, GBM makes interactions more immediate, far more engaging and – well – a lot more fun.

So, is GBM the right fit for your business? That's a question only you can answer. But with its rich features and seamless integration with Google services, GBM is certainly worth considering. After all, the key to unlocking customer engagement might just be a GBM away.