Vendors block ATM hack demo

By James Lawson, ITWeb journalist
Johannesburg, 08 Jul 2010

Vendors block ATM hack demo

A planned presentation about ATM security at the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam last week was cancelled due to legal pressure from vendors, reports The Register.

Italian ethical hacker Raoul Chiesa intended to explain the vulnerabilities and security shortcomings cyber criminals are using to break into ATMs.

This is not the first time ATM suppliers have taken action to block presentations on ATM security.

BSA awarded $3.3m settlement

The Business Software Alliance (BSA), a trade association representing the software industry, has entered into a settle agreement with a Kansai-based Japanese manufacturer, says AG-IP News.

The case originated from a report on the BSA piracy hotline, resulting in an audit of the software at the company. Some 3 913 copies of unlicensed software, including Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, FileMaker Pro, and Microsoft Office were discovered.

The settlement amount of $3.3 million was awarded, the largest ever settlement agreement for BSA worldwide.

MS clamps down on UK piracy

Microsft has settled with 21 UK retailers that were caught pirating its software, states Softpedia.

The PC shops preloaded unlicensed Microsoft programs on computers, or sold them directly to customers.

“Piracy not only impedes growth but puts local hard-working computer shops out of business,” says Michala Wardell, head of anti-piracy at Microsoft.