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Versatile OKI colour MFPs appeal to broad range of industries, now available from DCC Technologies

Johannesburg, 20 May 2024
OKI M853.
OKI M853.

While there are many hurdles on the path to business success, your multi-functional printer (MFP) should not be one of them. OKI’s range of MFPs has established themselves as highly dependable while also proving to be greatly versatile to suit myriad businesses.

Take, for example, two of the latest models in the MC800 Series – the MC883 and MC853. Both offer seamless workflow integration when it comes to printing, copying, scanning and faxing, and are now available for the channel from official distributor DCC Technologies.

Designed to meet the needs of demanding workgroups with up to 30 members, the OKI MC883 and MC853 are ideal for various industries, including healthcare, construction and professional services, offering a wide range of useful features.

What makes this OKI series so versatile? To start, the OKI MC800 Series prints on a wide range of media sizes and weights, from A6 to 1.3m long banners and up to 256gsm. This allows businesses to print a range of marketing collateral themselves, and with personalised marketing becoming a stand-out factor these days, this is of key importance.

OKI MC883.
OKI MC883.

OKI’s sXP (smart Extendable Platform) is also onboard, which is a web services-based platform that seamlessly integrates with corporate applications or third-party solutions, meaning document workflow, especially document-intensive business processes, is streamlined. Users can also manage jobs through a customisable seven-inch colour LCD touchscreen display that intuitively places frequently used functions on the home screen and includes enhanced help functionality.

Definitely worth mentioning is the ultra-high-capacity toners used by OKI that lowers both cost and user intervention, making the OKI MC800 series a dependable and no-fuss printing partner.

The two models available from DCC Technologies are close to identical, differing only in a few aspects. The OKI MC883 is the faster of the two, with copying and printing speeds of 35ppm (A4) in colour, while the MC853 copies at 23cpm colour, with a print speed of 23ppm.

If printing/copying demand is high, the MC883 will be the better choice, providing a duty cycle of a recommended 10 000 pages/month, with a maximum of 75 000 pages, compared to 8 000p/m and 60 000 pages on the MC853. Similarly, for those requiring a higher print quality, the MC883’s 1 200dpi x 1 200dpi printing resolution outshines the 1 200dpi x 600dpi of the MC853. Nonetheless, both units make use of OKI’s award-winning digital LED printing technology for exceptional colour printing and copying.

OKI product specialist at DCC Technologies, Roland van der Merwe, believes it is the OKI MC8300 series’ versatility that makes the units so special. “The OKI MC883 and MC853 appeal to a broad range of industries, not least because of their functionality, size and ease of use. And with a low total cost of ownership, OKI’s MFPs become an obvious choice,” states Van der Merwe.


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