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Vidyo delivers unmatched infrastructure innovation to optimise video collaboration for the enterprise

Cape Town, 11 Feb 2016

* 50% reduction of resource requirements without sacrificing performance.
* Improved security to meet the high demands of financial services, government, healthcare.
* Unmatched bandwidth optimisation and video quality via the cascading architecture.
* Eliminates the need for a Session Border Controller (SBC) or SIP-aware firewall.
* Easy system management with new administrative UIs.
* WebRTC support, including support for VP9 and simplified interoperability.

Many enterprises rely on IT to help address new business challenges including increasingly decentralised workforces, 24/7 customer demands and heightened security concerns in today's mobile world. Vidyo understands these challenges and the importance for IT organisations to generate more value out of their investments, which is why Vidyo has released new innovations for the VidyoWorks platform and infrastructure.

These enhancements are the direct result of careful listening and collaboration with Vidyo's expansive customer base to create more value and better utilise the VidyoWorks platform and infrastructure. All enhancements are available at no charge for customers covered under a current Vidyo maintenance contract.

The VidyoWorks platform and infrastructure deliver a modern user experience that supports today's operating systems and Web technologies. Infrastructure innovations include:

* Higher performance: Boosted performance levels of both the VidyoPortal and the VidyoGateway server products, resulting in a 50% reduction in necessary machine CPU requirements to achieve the same high levels of performance. IT organisations can reduce data centre footprints even more for Vidyo deployments.

* Hardened security: Continuous improvements to general system security and operating system security to meet rigorous security standards for use by military, healthcare, financial services, customer engagement providers and other large organisations and enterprises.

* Reduced complexity: Eliminates the need and associated cost for a Session Border Controller (SBC) or SIP-aware firewall for most customers.

* More flexible virtualization: Virtual Edition Servers able to adapt to a wider variety of host hardware.

* Improved manageability: New administrative UIs provide easier system management with less room for error resulting in simpler networking configurations and improved platform support.

* Expanded interoperability: Enhanced SIP architecture for improved interoperability, WebRTC support to reduce friction for guests to join meetings.

"Vidyo's infrastructure remains unmatched and our unique cascading architecture enables IT administrators to leverage the best bandwidth optimisation in the industry, simplified management, hardened security and unparalleled video quality over mobile devices and other endpoints," said Eran Westman, CEO, Vidyo. "Customers are able to leverage the advanced infrastructure on the same Vidyo platform they leverage for both inter-company video communication and communication in B2C customer engagement settings for secure interactions between doctors and patients, bankers and loan applicants or retailers and their customers."

The VidyoWorks platform and infrastructure deliver video routing, management tools, interoperability options, security compliance and solutions for recording and webcasting. Enhancements to the infrastructure include:

VidyoGateway VE: Customers who use VidyoGateway Virtual Edition to extend their Vidyo infrastructure to support third-party video and audio endpoints will be able to lower their resource allocation by 50% while receiving the same level of high performance. The new VidyoGateway VE adapts to a broader range of host processors.

VidyoPortal: The enterprise-class management tool for the VidyoWorks platform and infrastructure now allows administrators to leverage enhanced security measures, supports performance improvements, and has easier administration with a new Admin UI, streamlined configuration screens to reduce redundant/error prone configuration and a visualization tool for VidyoRouter TM cascading configuration.

Security: As a critical requirement for applications across healthcare, government, financial services and customer engagement settings, Vidyo hardened its security to address challenges for the growing B2C video market. Securing communications from inside the organisation to outside customers and vice versa is a key concern for this growing market segment. Vidyo's improved security gives enterprises even more confidence that their communications and private information are kept safe.

WebRTC: Enterprises are now able to use the Vidyo Server for WebRTC to enable guest participants to join using a WebRTC-enabled browser, using VP8 or VP9 without plug-ins or installs, a key benefit for B2C applications in healthcare and financial services. The update also gives developers the ability to create custom WebRTC-based applications using Vidyo Client APIs.


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