VMware launches Cross-Cloud managed service

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 20 Apr 2023

VMware has announced VMware Cross-Cloud services to enable its partners to expand their managed services practices.

The company said the offering builds on its 4 000-strong cloud service provider ecosystem and “will make building managed services faster for partners and easier to consume by customers.”

According to VMware while the adoption of multi-cloud is helping customers become digitally smart, skills availability, security and workload/data mobility are challenges to multi-cloud adoption.

“Multi-cloud services enable faster development of modern apps, accelerate enterprise cloud transformation, and empower more secure hybrid workforces," the company said. "However, S&P Global Market Intelligence research shows that ensuring security, having skilled personnel, managing costs, and workload/data mobility are the biggest challenges facing organisations adopting a multi-cloud operating model.”

Eighty-three percent of organisations surveyed are open to using external managed or professional services to support their hybrid and multi-cloud efforts, VMware added.

Zia Yusuf, VMware.
Zia Yusuf, VMware.

VMware's new cross-cloud offering combines prescriptive solutions – VMware Cross-Cloud managed services for hybrid cloud and VMware Cross-Cloud managed services for Native Public Cloud and Modern Apps  designed to provide partners with improved incentives, aligned go-to-market activities, and more flexibility.

VMware believes these incentives will enable cross-cloud managed services providers to improve profitability and increase recurring services revenue. They are also expected to improve time to value for multi-cloud environments and bridge the IT talent and skills gap for customers.

"With our global ecosystem of VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Providers, we will help customers to evolve from cloud chaos to cloud smart while achieving outcomes faster,” said Zia Yusuf, senior VP, strategic ecosystem and industry solutions at VMware.