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Vumacam earmarks R60m for Joburg SafeCity initiative

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 24 Jun 2022
Ricky Croock, CEO of video management company Vumacam.
Ricky Croock, CEO of video management company Vumacam.

Video management provider Vumacam has earmarked a R60 million further investment in the City of Johannesburg to tackle crime.

Vumacam announced the investment today as it launched the SafeCity initiative, which it says will aid the city in addressing the dramatic increase in crime through collaborative efforts in technology and manpower.

The company says the R60 million will kick-start the SafeCity initiative, with funds allocated to lighting up, installing and maintaining 1 850 new cameras across Johannesburg.

Vumacam says 350 new installations will cover under-protected areas, such as Alexandra, Soweto and Diepsloot; strategic, critical public infrastructure; and areas that have been recently targeted by criminals, such as the Braamfontein Spruit.

"The crime statistics announced by police minister Bheki Cele earlier this month are indicative of the dramatic need for interventions supported by world-class technology and stronger collaboration between public and private entities to tackle crime,” says Ricky Croock, CEO of Vumacam.

“SafeCity is a critical step in ensuring that access to innovative solutions enables all South Africans to live safer lives. Every South African should have the right to a safe existence − whether they are travelling to work, visiting friends, playing in parks, shopping or relaxing at home. The time has come to firmly put forward a concerted, collaborative effort to tackle the escalating crime pandemic in this country.”

Vumacam, which controls one of SA’s largest technology-driven CCTV networks, says it also supports the Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2) – an official, coordinated joint crime fighting initiative between the South African Police Service, Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA) and the private security industry.

Croock comments: “As criminals become increasingly sophisticated, greater coordination and efficiency in intervention becomes critical. While Vumacam and private security companies support SAPS daily, E2 employs a far more coordinated approach and is a critical part of Vumacam’s mission to ensure smarter, safer cities.

“This model can be easily applied in major cities across the country. The launch coincides with our expansion into Mogale City, Ekurhuleni and KwaZulu-Natal, and we also hope to move into Tshwane and Cape Town with the municipality’s support.”

Fouché Burgers, head: national programmes for Business Leadership South Africa (of which BACSA is a division) says: “E2 is a much-needed initiative and a game-changer in tackling crime in South Africa. Each role-player – SAPS, private security, including Vumacam – has a crucial role in fighting crime, but combining our efforts will see a far more effective means to doing so.

“We fully support and endorse the SafeCity initiative, which will promote the sharing not only of resources, but intelligence and manpower.

“With the ability to deploy on-the-ground and in-air units, we can respond with urgency and the backup required to ensure response units have not only additional eyes on any scene, but also, the support they need when responding to events that may put them in danger.”