Vumacam taps Navic to expand SafeCity initiative

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 01 Feb 2024
Ricky Croock, CEO of Vumacam.
Ricky Croock, CEO of Vumacam.

Video management company Vumacam has entered into an alliance with Navic, a local surveillance and vehicle intelligence provider.

According to a statement, the move will support the SafeCity initiative, which has to date been powered only by Vumacam’s technology and cameras.

Vumacam launched the SafeCity initiative in 2022 in Johannesburg. The company invested R60 million to kick-start the project, with funds allocated to lighting up, installing and maintaining 1 850 new cameras across Johannesburg.

The company recently expanded SafeCity into Tshwane, aiming to provide more comprehensive coverage.

The Vumacam and Navic alliance will see the entities combine their technology and networks to combat crime more effectively, says the statement.

As a cooperative venture, Vumacam and Navic will maintain autonomy in the services provided to clients, while working to expand the SafeCity initiative as a collective.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), also known as licence plate recognition technology, has been a “game-changer” in both companies’ operations, states Vumacam.

Its network statistics show 80% of arrests or successful interceptions are due to ANPR cameras flagging vehicles of interest linked to an array of crimes − from fraud and theft, to more serious offences such as murder and aggravated assault.

As a result, Vumacam’s network aims to complement Navic’s ANPR and related tools and operational experience in the large and smaller metros, as well as bespoke services for rural areas across the country.

Says Vumacam CEO Ricky Croock: “We anticipate making the same impactful contributions in Tshwane as we have seen in other regions, leveraging the proven effectiveness of Vumacam’s infrastructure and Navic’s advanced tools. Collaborating with Navic brings an additional level of expertise and network expansion to the SafeCity initiative.”

Jason Berry, CEO of Navic, adds: “This partnership is testament to the philosophy that South Africa’s fight against crime is more effective when the key role-players work together. This lays the foundation for further collaboration between the two companies, on unarguably the largest ANPR/CCTV network in the country, benefitting multiple market sectors.”