Webber Wentzel Fusion: Elevating legal excellence for a tech-forward tomorrow

Johannesburg, 16 Jan 2024
Christo Els, Senior Partner and Sally Hutton, Manager Partner at Webber Wentzel.
Christo Els, Senior Partner and Sally Hutton, Manager Partner at Webber Wentzel.

Webber Wentzel, which positions itself as the leading full-service law firm in Africa, has expanded its NewLaw and legal technology division and rebranded it as Webber Wentzel Fusion. This is the next step in the firm's innovation journey, following its five-year long incubation of an alternative legal services centre and its early investment in artificial intelligence.

Christo Els, Senior Partner at Webber Wentzel said: "Webber Wentzel Fusion is part of our ongoing journey to enhance the way we deliver legal services and create value for our clients. It is also a testament to our culture of innovation, which empowers our people to embrace change and explore new possibilities."

Sally Hutton, Manager Partner at Webber Wentzel, added: "Our commitment to excellence demands that we dynamically meet the evolving needs of our clients who are looking for holistic, digitally enabled and efficient solutions that solve both their legal and business challenges."

Webber Wentzel Fusion blends legal expertise with advanced technology and modern operations to deliver integrated, innovative and impactful solutions. The division employs a diverse team of specialists including lawyers, technologists, project managers and analysts. They deliver tailored and practical solutions across various domains, including AI and legal technology, legal project management, flexible resourcing, eDiscovery and data management, and legal operations. Clients benefit from end-to-end, seamless solutions delivered from one integrated team – no divides, no delays.

Aalia Manie, Head of Webber Wentzel Fusion.
Aalia Manie, Head of Webber Wentzel Fusion.

Webber Wentzel Fusion is also the catalyst for new technology products and entrepreneurial initiatives for the benefit of the firm and its clients.

Aalia Manie, Head of Webber Wentzel Fusion, said: "We are drawing on the energy and potential of fusion to contribute to legal transformation in Africa. Our goal is to deliver stellar outcomes that redefine the client experience, set new standards in Africa and enable our lawyers and clients to focus on what matters most."

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