White paper: Developing a strategy for network modernisation

Legacy networking: A hurdle for digital modernisation.

Johannesburg, 23 May 2024
The decision to modernise is not a simple one.
The decision to modernise is not a simple one.

Agility is crucial to excel in a world where business conditions can turn on a dime. But agility is not simply a matter of leadership and decision-making. Agility also depends on organisation capability to execute change. Systems must be established in a manner to flex and adapt without breaking down. The business must be able to realign to accommodate new revenue models, support new applications and connect people around the world.

Agility is one of the primary desired outcomes for digital modernisation projects, as organisations retool for competitive advantage. This is especially true when considering the state of the traditional enterprise network, which plays a critical role in delivering communications and enabling collaboration. The enterprise network has remained stubbornly resistant to change, and for good reason. It was designed to withstand shocks to the system and change comes at great cost and effort.

Sometimes changes can be anticipated, because they happen over time, such as the effects of the cloud on the data centre. With networking, exogenous market forces are driving rapid, sometimes overnight change. For example, the pandemic delivered painful lessons on just how difficult it was for some companies to rapidly add capacity for remote work, to maintain employee productivity and to manage costs in light of how much budget was being consumed by idle networking in empty offices.

Throughout these hardships, it also became apparent that some companies were not only able to adapt, but also thrive. It wasn’t solely a matter of management’s ability to deliver the right business decisions, but also the capabilities of the business to transform and execute. For the CIO, it is necessary to develop strategies to deal with change, retool to support future needs and make IT the accelerant rather than the retardant for change.

With massive investments in on-premises networking, modernisation is no simple decision. To fully realise the benefits of network modernisation, it's necessary to examine what must be achieved in order to define what must change.

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