White paper: Evolutionary fault tolerance

A new approach to availability in x86 architectures.

Johannesburg, 19 Jan 2024
Stratus ztC Endurance computing platform.
Stratus ztC Endurance computing platform.

This white paper discusses the evolutionary fault tolerance delivered by the availability architecture of the Stratus ztC Endurance computing platform. The paper provides a high-level overview of the redundant, fault tolerant platform and its availability architecture, underscoring ztC Endurance’s unique design. Combined with Stratus’ proven, award-winning service and support, ztC Endurance provides our partners and customers the highest possible levels of uptime, availability and reliability for mission-critical applications and data.

The Stratus ztC Endurance availability architecture is based on a number of factors and was carefully designed to provide the optimal combination of protection, performance, intelligence, modularity, flexibility and serviceability for a modern next-generation mission-critical computing system. ztC Endurance utilises redundant modular hardware, advanced health monitoring and predictive diagnostics, and automatic self-healing and failover capabilities. Additionally, the platform proactively identifies and isolates faults, facilitating system services and repairs through simple online replacements. This identify, isolate and service availability architecture provides maximum uptime and availability for workloads and ensures that critical applications will continue to run with no downtime or data loss, even if a hardware failure should occur.

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