Who do you phone during a cyber attack?

Johannesburg, 30 May 2024
Putting out the fires of a cyber attack.
Putting out the fires of a cyber attack.

Cyber attacks and cyber security are a perpetual arms race. Cyber criminals are not just trying to get past your firewalls. They will use a variety of tools to navigate your environment, including ransomware, phishing and stolen credentials to obtain access, adding backdoors to maintain that access, and then leveraging vulnerabilities to move laterally.

Once attackers have access to your environment, they will typically look for ways to escalate privileges, maintain persistence and locate paths to move across the organisation to achieve their ultimate goal, which is usually to access data for financial gain. Think needle in a haystack and you have some idea of how quietly and stealthily attackers move through systems.

That’s why it’s so important to identify a point of compromise (POC) as quickly as possible. Cyber+ GAP protects your business against data exfiltration attacks, cyber extortion, ransomware attacks and more. Our incident readiness assessment evaluates the top six to nine areas that our digital forensic experts have identified as the POC in 95% of the security breaches in SA over the past few years.

According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach 2023 report, detecting a breach under 200 days will save a company almost R7 million during a security breach. A company’s ability to detect and respond to a breach quickly and effectively directly impacts the cost of business interruption, loss of clients, loss of revenue and repetitional damage.

According to Interpol, more than 61% of respondents in Africa were affected by ransomware attacks, and South Africa had the highest number of business e-mail compromise (BEC) attempts in Africa. In fact, 60% of BEC threat actors are based in Africa. It gets worse. South Africa suffers 577 cyber attacks per hour and African countries had the highest increase in cyber attacks. More than 61% of respondents in Africa were affected by ransomware attacks.

Being prepared for managing an incident is the most effective measure to limit the impact, duration and cost of a security breach. As the largest incident response and digital forensic (DFIR) firm in Africa, partnering with Cyber+ ensures that you have immediate assistance from a dedicated and experienced team.

Our approach to cyber threats is based on a simple principle: It’s not if it happens to you, but rather when it happens to you – and will you be prepared? We have extensive experience in this sector and draw considerable input from our research, threat intelligence and service advisory partners to deliver a comprehensive Cyber+ service offering.

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