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Why renting your business laptops, PCs makes perfect sense

Johannesburg, 05 Jul 2024
Get the right tools with Universe Direct.
Get the right tools with Universe Direct.

The success of your business really hinges on having the right tools at your fingertips. Universe Direct can make this all possible for you!

Having top-of-the-line laptops and desktops is no longer a luxury; instead, this is essential equipment if your goal is to have a productive and competitive workforce.

Most companies will aim to buy the IT equipment they need, but this approach, while extremely common, comes with its own, perhaps not-so-well-known, pitfalls.

Firstly, there's the gamble on brand reliability. While established names can certainly be trusted, unforeseen technical glitches or hardware malfunctions do happen and they can disrupt your work and leave your team stranded.

Secondly, the rapid rate at which technology is changing and becoming more efficient means that today's cutting-edge laptop might be tomorrow's paperweight. Businesses that buy equipment outright will always be at risk of getting stuck with outdated machines that can put a spoke in the wheels of business efficiency and innovation.

And let's not forget the increase in struggles that the IT department ends up dealing with, the burden of managing, maintaining and eventually disposing of a fleet of computers falls squarely on their shoulders (as do all the staff complaints when their laptops and PCs no longer function as they should).

Modern companies require modern IT solutions, and if all of this sounds like something you’d like to avoid having to deal with, why not rent your laptops and PCs instead?

It might also sound like a risky option, but think about this.

When you rent your IT equipment, the company you are renting from will take on all of the responsibility of keeping the hardware up to date, secure and functioning flawlessly. And it's not just laptops and desktops that can be rented – for businesses with demanding computing needs, even servers can be brought in on a rental basis.

Benefits of renting laptops and desktops in SA

There are numerous benefits that make renting a far more compelling and useful option than buying, and what’s more is that the rental option will generally suit businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries.

These are just a handful of the benefits you can instantly enjoy when you go down the rental path:

  • Basically, it is cheaper to rent than it is to buy

Let's face it, a significant upfront investment is required when purchasing laptops or PCs for your entire team.

Renting will eliminate this financial strain, allowing you to spread the costs over a predictable monthly rental fee. This frees up valuable capital that can be channelled into your core business activities like marketing, research or employee development.

Companies like Universe Direct, for instance, offer some of the cheapest rental prices in South Africa, and many of the contract options are designed to be flexible too.

  • You will have access to everlasting upgrades

Technology is constantly marching forward, and so should your business.

When you rent your IT equipment, you're not tethered to outdated hardware. Rental companies will allow you to upgrade to a better model whenever needed, ensuring your team can access the latest processing power, graphics capabilities and software compatibility. This in turn means you can look forward to constant progress and innovation.

  • Renting provides unbeatable flexibility

Gone are the days of rigid, long-term commitments.

The best kinds of rental companies will have short-term rental contracts, with a minimum of just two weeks, perfect for seasonal staff, temporary projects or training initiatives.

This flexibility gives you full control, allowing you to scale your hardware needs up or down as your business demands fluctuate.

  • Minimise your administrative headaches

Managing a fleet of laptops and desktops can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task for businesses (and it can eat your budget).

Renting eliminates this burden entirely.

From hardware maintenance and software updates to troubleshooting and repairs, the rental company handles it all. This frees up your IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives that directly impact your bottom line.

  • Minimise your company liabilities

Renting keeps your company's asset value lower.

This means your leased equipment doesn't show up as a liability on your balance sheet, so you can improve your financial ratios, which can potentially make it easier to secure loans or credit, should you need it.

  • Least cost, most value

Laptop and desktop rental companies understand that businesses operate under budgetary constraints, especially here in South Africa.

As such, some companies will have a least-cost rental model that will ensure you get the best possible hardware for your specific needs, without overspending on unnecessary features. At Universe Direct, for instance, we have a minimum number of rental units (five), making it a viable solution for even small teams.

  • Zero downtime, guaranteed performance

Technical problems are inevitable.

The beauty of renting is that you're not left scrambling when a laptop malfunctions or gets infected. Universe Direct even offers a swap-out service, providing you with a fresh unit the moment yours encounters an issue. This ensures zero downtime and it keeps your team productive.

  • The right tool for the job

And then there is the fact that when you rent, you can go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.

Precision rentals cater to businesses with specialised needs. For example, architects, civil engineers and optometrists can rent high-performance Alienware laptops specifically designed to handle demanding software applications.

The Universe Direct ECCO Initiative – a win for your business, a win for the planet

At Universe Direct, our commitment extends beyond just providing excellent IT hardware solutions for businesses just like yours.

Our ECCO Initiative has been designed to promote environmental consciousness and, by renting older-model laptops and PCs, you're actively participating in reducing electronic waste. This keeps perfectly functional equipment out of landfills, minimising the environmental impact of e-waste and contributing to a greener future, while helping you save money at the same time.

Does all this sound good to you?

For more information about how you can sign up for a rental service in South Africa, contact Universe Direct today.

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