WordPress trends: What to expect in 2024

Johannesburg, 15 Apr 2024
Expect to see a rise in WordPress plugins focused on inclusive and accessible design.
Expect to see a rise in WordPress plugins focused on inclusive and accessible design.

Whatever plans your small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) has for the rest of the year, make sure your website is the star of the show. Your website should serve as the central hub for your business's marketing efforts, and if you're uncertain about which website platform and hosting service to choose, WordPress and WordPress Hosting make for the win.

Why WordPress?

WordPress stands out as the world's leading content management system (CMS), according to Domains, making it a top choice for developers and WordPress Hosting providers who aim to align with 2024's business trends seamlessly.

When designing your WordPress website, visual appeal is important, but it's not everything. Of course, your site should be visually appealing, but business owners should be prioritising website functionality and user experience (UX) going forward. Why? Because the latest business trends are guiding developers and hosting providers in understanding what customers expect in the coming year.

Artificial intelligence (AI) integration

AI has permeated every aspect of technology, and WordPress is no exception. Users can expect AI-driven plugins, predictive analytics and smart solutions that enhance personalised browsing experiences. In 2024, WordPress developers will introduce more AI-powered plugins that add significant value to user interactions, making websites more engaging and interactive.

Voice search optimisation

User online habits have evolved, with voice-activated searches becoming increasingly popular. Why type a query when you can simply speak it? To stay ahead of search engine preferences, expect to see a rise in voice search plugins developed for WordPress websites, making information retrieval faster and more intuitive.

Mobile-centric design

With approximately 22 million smartphone users in South Africa alone and a global trend towards mobile-first experiences, expect a surge in WordPress plugins that prioritise mobile responsiveness. Websites optimised for mobile devices will continue to be a crucial aspect as users increasingly rely on mobile devices for browsing and shopping.

Enhanced security measures

As cyber security threats persist globally, businesses must prioritise security across all levels. WordPress, being a widely used platform, is a prime target for cyber attacks. Consequently, developers and hosting providers are constantly enhancing security features to safeguard against attacks and protect both online and offline data.

E-commerce expansion

The e-commerce sector is booming, projected to reach $8 trillion by 2026. With fierce competition in this space, businesses must invest in the right platforms and plugins to enhance user experience and build customer confidence. WordPress plugins tailored for e-commerce functionalities will continue to evolve, supporting businesses in their online selling endeavours.

Inclusive and accessible design

Inclusive design benefits not only users with impairments, but also enhances usability for all. Expect to see a rise in WordPress plugins focused on inclusive and accessible design, simplifying website navigation and usage for everyone.

Advanced WordPress Hosting solutions

In 2024, the emphasis on user experience (UX) for business websites is stronger than ever. Hosting plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance for your WordPress site. The introduction of WordPress Hosting by hosting companies has allowed for tailored hosting solutions designed specifically for WordPress. While the quality of WordPress Hosting may vary among providers, users can anticipate more customisation options and improved offerings from reputable hosting providers. 


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