Yes, one can, and should, demand clean internet from one's ISP

Johannesburg, 20 Nov 2023
Clean internet is a service you can demand.
Clean internet is a service you can demand.

The world has never been more connected. In South Africa, wide-scale adoption of fibre to the home and business has enabled high-speed access to any and all types of content available on the internet.

Typically, ISPs have been concerned about providing their customers access to the internet that is stable, fast and cheap, as this has been the demand driven by customers.

However, now that internet connectivity challenges are largely overcome, the demand for clean internet is becoming the ISP’s new distinguishing value-add, as customers are learning that it is actually a service they can demand.

Every parent knows the importance of managing our kids' access to the internet; however, it is less known that a content management service is actually available from certain South African ISPs at a very reasonable cost. In fact, some ISPs have it included, depending on which ISP package is purchased.

We at LucidView are a back-end content filter provider to ISPs around the world, and yes, we provide this service to South African ISPs as well. These ISPs provide their clients with a super easy-to-use iOS/Android app that allows the household to easily manage their own internet policies, for their households or businesses. The LucidView AI literally finds a few thousand new explicit sites a day, for example. So we can confirm that inappropriate content for kids on the internet is as rife as ever!

Demand clean internet (ie, easy-to-manage content filtering services) from your ISP, and if they can't provide it to you at a reasonable price, change ISPs.

Feel free to contact us for a list of ISPs that do provide clean internet services.

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